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The Simplified Version of Learning NLP

by pensmith

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There have been many information written about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), its origins, usage and benefits. One NLP myth that you may have heard is that "NLP is therapy". Well it isn't. This confusion is understandable because many NLP techniques can be used in therapeutic practice.

NLP techniques can help improve how the brain works and enables the production of good brain chemicals. This enables NLP techniques to be used as a part of a therapy treatment for overcoming such things as phobias. However NLP skills can equally be effective in, say, enabling students to be able to learn more effectively and elegantly.

Over the years, the use of NLP has spread and particular techniques have been developed to help specific groups of people e.g. learners, athletes, workers, families and so on. However the growth and success of NLP now means that the various skills and techniques can be used to improve all aspects of life. It is fair to say that some of the techniques have been used to help people before nlp practitioner certification program was developed; however, in those days it may have been known as "common sense", "sound judgment" or intuition.

The term Neuro Linguistic Programming signposts the areas in which the techniques are deployed. Neuro refers to the brain, Linguistic being to do with language and how it is used. Programming refers to a concept of being able to reprogram the way our brain works. Some of these areas may initially be worrisome as we generally know very little about the brain and how it works.

So be re-assured that nlp practitioner certification program does not delve into the workings of the brain in either a medical or psychological way. It is concerned about getting an individual's brain working in a beneficial way taking into account the wishes and desires of the individual and ensuring that the outcomes are ecologically sound, safe and beneficial impact.

The co-creators of NLP (Richard Bandler and John Grinder) started to make their NLP training online program discoveries by studying and modeling the behavior and work of other great experts and respected leaders in various fields of work that involved communication and interacting with others. Bandler & Grinder initially studied the language patterns used by these specialists and from this derived a model of how we use language to build up our perception of our reality of the world.

NLP training online program uses techniques which delve into what was actually meant by the statement. Other NLP linguistic models serve to influence a listener. For example the statement "Will you do your homework before tea or just before you go to bed" makes a presumption to the listener that they will do their homework. NLP linguistic techniques are very powerful and can be used to improve the impact of what is being said or change what is being perceived.

Dr. William Horton provides live-action, experiential, and professional NLP training online program that you can study in the comfort of your home or office. He offers several NLP practitioner certification courses and with modern programming options and tools like Audio CDs, books, DVDs Ebooks, etc.

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