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Choosing the Right Shape for Your Yellow Diamond Ring

by anonymous

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If you thought that diamonds were a girl’s best friend then there is more to the story today. Tinted diamonds have grown increasingly popular and many women across the world prefer them over the colourless stones. Amongst the tinted or hued stones, yellow diamonds are probably the most loved ones. However before you go to a store for yellow diamonds, there are some things to be considered.

The Basic Information

Certainly diamonds are for every occasion but there are certain times when you need something more than the usual gifts. These are the times to be cherished for a lifetime and these are the times for yellow diamonds. But are tinted stones really that special? Well if you did not know then there are actually more colourless diamonds in the market then the yellow ones. These natural shiny yellow stones are quite rare and much more expensive than the usual diamonds. Nature forms these diamonds in a special way when nitrogen is trapped inside carbon atoms of diamonds. Obviously, this is a very rare case and that is why you cannot find many such stones around.  In fact, you might not even find the required tint and shape so easily and that is why a bit of planning is required.

A ring is probably the best option to please the woman you like. After all, which woman can say no to a beautiful diamond ring and that too in rare yellow tint? Yellow diamond rings make a bold fashion statement depending on the intensity of colour. The colour of stones highly affect the price too as more deep the hue is, the more costly the diamond is. 

Choosing the Shape

Women are very particular about diamond shapes as they believe that every shape evokes a certain emotion. The diamond shapes can be divided in ten categories which include round, princess, cushion, asscher, emerald, radiant, heart, pear, marquise and oval.

Amongst the popular shapes, round cut diamond is the most popular design with around 80% of the orders coming in the category. These diamonds can be great for engagement rings as even after years they do not lose the statement. Princess cut is the second most popular design with four corners and tapered edges but it is important to make sure that store for yellow diamonds specializes in the technique. Oval is another popular engagement ring style and may look good with heavy platinum rings. Marquise cut diamonds are fancy in nature and they are more wide than long. Make sure that you consider the length and width aspect ratio for a comfortable fit.

Emerald, as the name would suggest, is cut in shape of emerald stone. The facets in this design are less than round cut but still it looks quite unique and beautiful. This cut can provide individuality to the lady. When it comes to romance, what can be better than heart shaped diamond? This cut is quite popular and offers a more subjective and personal touch of love to the gift.     

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