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The folly of cheating your way to a University of West Coast

by anonymous

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Have you ever, even for a fleeting moment, considered buying a fake college diploma especially when you are bogged down with your studies? You can take comfort knowing that you aren't the only one toying with the idea. If you have already bought one you can have scant consolation in the fact that you aren't the only one who has done it. You will however suffer your own ignominy on the day your little secret is found out.<br><br>


Many factors drive people into cutting corners including the pressure to possess college credentials, lack of time for study, and dedicating too much time to other things at the expense of studies. A vibrant industry has conveniently emerged to help people cheat their way through college or in the case of people who don't want to go to college, acquire fake college diplomas at a small fee.<br><br>


Getting a diploma dishonestly or buying a fake one is something that any straight-thinking person shouldn't do because it will boomerang on him/her sooner rather than later. A fake diploma can never be watertight; there are a thousand ways through which you can be found out. Let's say you buy a phony certificate and transcripts bearing the title of a <a href=""><b>university of West Coast</b></a>. The University of West Coast title will make your papers seem authentic but only at a glance. Fake papers, unless expertly done, rarely stand thorough scrutiny. Anybody with a keen eye can detect anomalies in your papers like misspelled words, dates that don't add up, incongruous course units, and so on.<br><br>


Even if your employer accepts your fake university of West Coast papers, you still won't be out of the woods. When push comes to shove, as in when you are called upon to perform tasks that you are expected to have mastery of, you will come up short. You may flop so badly that your boss will only have one conclusion - that your university of West Coast diploma is suspect.<br><br>


You won't fare any better if you actually attended the Coast University but cheated your way through. Coast University students have ingenious ways of cheating such as buying term papers from paper mills, downloading and passing off information from the web as their own, and even paying fellow students to write their papers for them. All these can make life easier at the Coast University but will return to haunt you as soon as you land a job. The discrepancy in your actual ability and the grades on your transcripts will sell you out.<br><br>


Getting caught with fake papers from a <a href=""><b>Coast University</b></a> and failing to live up to the grades that you have on your transcripts will not only be embarrassing but may most certainly cost you your job and even ruin your chances of getting jobs in future. So, next time you think of cutting some corners, please swat those thoughts out of your mind and dig into your books – this is the only way to real success.<br><br>



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