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What Medications Should Be Taken In High Blood Pressure Trea

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Blood pressure is an important measure of the human body which tells the health of a person. The normal BP readings are 120/80 mm Hg but it keeps on changing throughout the day due to emotional and physical changes. However, those who suffer from some diseases have their goal to keep BP levels below 140/90 mm Hg. Changes in the pressure of the blood does not only affects heart but also causes other negative changes in our body. Therefore, high blood pressure treatment is very essential for the smooth working of our body.

What can you do to reduce high blood pressure:

Some healthier habits can help you like:

  • Taking healthy food which includes fruits, vegetables, low fat milk and dairy products.

  • Cutting salt and sodium intake of food.

  • Losing any extra pounds and bringing the weight under normal conditions.

  • Quitting smoking and drinking

  • Managing the stress levels.

  • Being physically active at least for one and half hour.

Lifelong focus: having hypertension means you need to treat it and control it all throughout your life. This may include making lifestyle changes, taking prescribed medicines and taking medical care for a long time.

High blood pressure does not mean that it will cure your problem. It will control it and if you will become a bit careless, it will harm your heart and kidneys.

Common medication to be taken in hypertension:

Hypertension means you have to be on continuous medications. These medications can be allopathic or herbal. It is good to take herbal medications as they do not have any side effect. These are made up of natural plants and herbs.

Besides that, below are some common medications which doctors prescribe to a hypertension patient-

  • Diuretics: also known as “water pills”. They help in flushing out extra salt and water from the kidneys out of your body. This causes reduction the body fluid, lowering your BP.

  • Beta blockers: these are meant for the heart making it slow. The heart beats slowly and pumps lesser blood through blood vessels. With this, your BP goes down.

  • Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors: these inhibitors restrict your body to making angiotensin II hormone which narrows down the blood vessels. As the vessels do not narrow, blood pressure goes down.

  • Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBS) these are drugs which protect the blood vessels from the hormone, angiotensin II. This causes relaxation in blood vessels making them wider. This ultimately reduces BP.

  • Calcium channel blockers (CCBs) - these blockers inhibit calcium from entering into your heart and blood vessels. With this blood vessels are relaxed leading to lowering of high BP.

  • Vasodilators: these drugs relax blood vessels by causing relaxation in the muscles of vessels. This helps to reduce high blood pressure.

After you start with your medications:

Once you are on medicines, you need to keep a regular check on your BP readings. Make sure that the medicine is helping otherwise talk to your doctor. He will either give you further supplements or will change your medications.

Moreover, try to be as much as regular as possible on your medicines, if you want quick results.

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