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Choose the Right Solution for Bulk Plant Industrial Wireless

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During this era of wireless technology, industrial wireless networks provide well documented benefits, including lower installation, operating and maintenance costs, greater network flexibility, increased reliability and improved technician safety. Even with these known benefits, some companies view a wireless installation as a major undertaking and may hesitate before approving a transition.

We have watched the wireless industry continue its rapid growth over the last decade or two. It has changed rapidly, and the growth seems to be more progressing. Wireless has always been a growth business, and it increasing it day by day.

Right now, with many new technologies, some decision-makers like to tread lightly. They may be unsure of the specific equipment they'll need, or if the vendor understands their business and application. And, the biggest concern often is ongoing service.

Now bulk plant wireless emergency shutdown systems were developed to eliminate costly hard wiring of fixed location emergency stop switches. Any number of wireless industrial remote E-Stop switches can be installed within the plant facility and communicate with one receiver/controller unit. These systems will work in conjunction with existing, hard-wired, manual E-Stop switches and plant safety controls. Operator worn E-Stop remotes can also be added to these systems.

Industrial wireless Emergency system is really a wonderful system for wireless sector. By pressing the emergency Stop button causes the receiver/controller unit to trigger a plant shut-down. The system cannot be rebooted until the E-Stop button is pulled out and a manual receiver/controller reset is performed. In addition, E-Stop buttons are dual contact, dual channel and comply with global E-Stop switch requirements. The system will fail safe, triggering an automatic E-Stop with any loss of main line electrical power supply to the receiver/controller unit.

E-stop controller is easily interfaced with electrical, pneumatic, nitrogen, or mechanical plant shut-off equipment. The systems will operate with different power supply like 12/24VDC or 120/240VAC. The Receiver/Controller outputs can specified as 12/24VdC, 120/240VAC, dry contact, RS232, or J1939 CAN bus.

The frequency operation of this system is almost 433MHz. And the power supply is almost 120/240VAC. There are some Optional 12/24VDC systems available. Aside from this the receiver output maximum load is Up to 24Amps VAC and the receiver output type is 24Amp VAC Dry.

This wireless industrial system is water resistant, impact resistant polycarbonate. The system has external antenna/coax included. It has pre-wired system to meet customer requirements. And the total system weight is 10lbs.

There are some remote emergency stop switch specifications which are also important. These are; the frequency of operation is up to 433.92 MHz. The method of transmission is 56 bit DES encryption key. It has rugged weatherproof polymer enclosure. The system has external Rubber Flex antenna. The normal range of this antenna is 1000ft. the system has power that is Up to 2 miles.

BASE Engineering designs excellent industrial wireless systems for different engineering and commercial purposes.  Since 1996 over 50,000 BASEsystems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every wireless industrial product we manufacturer.

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