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It is a Big, Big World: Setting Up Large Window Treatments

by roxietenner

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Imagine living in a home with a triple-digit floor location that has a large living-room for hosting major parties. You've got a sweet den and comfy bedrooms with king-size beds in each of them. Such a home can shout success on an unprecedented scale.

It is probable though that such a house might have long banks of windows that are as huge as any jaw-dropping plasma TV set in the living room. Various other windows could in fact sport frames much taller than you are. Yet although natural lighting is a priority for such a huge and extravagant home, you'll need to think of your privacy requirements. This consists of setting up custom window treatments to shut out prying eyes away.

Drapes are some of the most common treatment choices for large windows. These can be set up via custom bars slightly above the window frame containing a number of attachment rings. You have to ensure, though, that the drapes go to at least 1.5 times wider than the window itself so they will not be over-stretched in attempting to cover the entire panel.

If your home has a lengthy line of windows in the living room location, you could set up light-weight panels and stationary drapes at certain intervals. This puts an elegant touch to the windows, especially if the areas in between the fixed drapes are overlapped by movable drapes of the same color. Establish valances or cornices to hide the curtain rods if feasible.

Because the drape rods may most likely jam eventually, you may ask a contractor for ideal professional window treatments might present other appropriate choices. A number of these are geared up with mobile systems. For example, you can have window shades that just roll down from a cylinder on the drape rod. The Skyline Gliding Panel series by Hunter Douglas ups the sophistication and personal privacy factor by just moving out the fabric panels along 2 tracks for optimum coverage.

Broad windows can come to be more stylish when joined with the appropriate window therapies. You can delight in even more privacy and convenience with these one-of-a-kind and elegant touches. To learn more, visit

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