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How Can You Reduce Blood Pressure without Using Any Pills

by myhealthy

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High blood pressure is such a deadly disorder which enters into your body without any signals and causes heavy damage to your vital organs like kidney and heart. Studies have proved that around four in 10 middle aged individuals are suffering from this health disorder. In this condition, a stress is created on the heart and blood vessels which results in strokes and heart attacks.

However, studies have also revealed that right diet and proper lifestyle can minimize the chances of developing hypertension. The blood pressure readings 135/80 can be called a normal condition but any individual with this reading is twice as likely to have stroke as the person with 115/75 as his pressure readings.

It is true that medications are essential to control it but you would be happier to know that there are plenty of things to help you to keep it down without taking any pills. So, let us know some of the measures to keep the pressure down and keep it there-

Keep moving: Exercise is one of the most important activities for hypertension patients. With this, your heart remains active and it can pump more blood without exerting any force on arteries. Along with this, it would help you to shed those extra pounds which are in one way responsible for your high BP.

The suggested time period of exercise for a high BP patient is 30 minutes daily which includes slow breathing, brisk walking, etc. If you are comfortable with more strenuous activities, that would be great. However, if your BP is very high, try to avoid lifting any heavy object.

Be salt savvy: the intake of more salt will draw more blood in the arteries thus raising the pressure and volume. The salt which harms the most is not what we take in foods but that which is present in breads, cereals, ready-made foods, sauces, etc.

Therefore just watch your daily salt intake and avoid all types of processed food.

Fruits and vegetables- all types of fruits and vegetables contain various substances that help to reduce blood pressure. These substances can be potassium, magnesium and fibers.

A hypertension patient must aim for five of these types in a day.

Go for purple: all purple colored fruits and vegetables are said to have blood pressure benefits like blackcurrants, raspberries, blood oranges, blueberries, beet-root, etc. this is because, these things contain anthocyanin which increase nitric oxide output. This in turn helps in relaxing blood vessels and improving blood flow.

Adopt a practice of milky coffee: Replacing carbohydrates with the low fat dairy and soya protein will work as a good treatment for high blood pressure. If you are a regular coffee drinker, you must limit your caffeine consumption. Four cups of coffee are fine in a day but if you take it occasionally, you must take care of caffeine consumption.

Curb on your booze habit: if you are in the habit of drinking heavily, it can affect your normal BP readings. This is because more alcohol can constrict your muscles in blood vessels leading to their constriction. The recommended limits are 2-3 units per day. Another better idea would be to spend a day or two without alcohol in a day.

Pick whole grain: swap your refined grain with whole grain oat as it will reduce blood pressure. Try to take more and more whole meal, bread and porridge, brown rice and whole-wheat pasta.

The above measures will help you to combat this problem without any medications. Practice the above described measures more and more so that results can be observed as soon as possible.

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