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The New Engagement Rings

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Marriage is a more of a traditional agreement wherein two people
commit to be together "'til death" do they part. However, before folks
exchange I do, the engagement part comes in. In most cultures, only the
woman gets to receive a gift of sorts, which everyone knows is the
engagement ring. Other cultures, however, have promise rings, which
signify the agreement of two individual's plans of future marriage.

However, as the Bob Dylan song goes, "the times they are
a'changin". More and more couples are now celebrating their own
engagements in various ways, and one that is making a lot of buzz
lately is the engagement watch.

The Engagement Watch

Giving a "betrothal gift" to men is becoming a trend lately.
Some look at it as a way of practicing equality, as women receive their
rings, they give a nice luxury watch in exchange. This way, the two
parties get to enjoy a valuable item, both in value and sentiment. The
trend is also practiced by some homosexual couples.

Purchasing an Engagement Watch

Just like when men buy diamond rings, the task of shopping for
engagement watches can be as stressful and gruesome. For a few people,
the price is highly important for both. A great number of people
wouldn't want to be caught dead giving their spouses-to-be a ring that
costs less than three months' worth of salary as it is deemed tacky and
cheap. The same thing applies for an engagement watch, which is why
most folks end up with luxury timepieces, like IWC watches, to get the
job done.

However, when you're buying a luxury watch for this purpose, it
doesn't need to be the most expensive there is. You can always invest
on watches later on, but in cases like this, you can always invest on
sentiment first. Buy a nice quality piece that is classic and
functional and will best compliment your significant other, and you can
be sure that you'll be able to express your undying love for them.

Celebrating Unions with Engagement Gifts

Although some folks see engagement gifts as a trivial tradition that
can be quite a waste of time and money, it is still a nice way to
celebrate unions. If you want to be more traditional but with a twist,
an engagement ring as a gift in the form of a Bell & Ross watch can be a perfect purchase for you and your loved one.

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