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A Luxury Surf Trip Royalty to Reality

by anonymous

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Do you consider yourself to be comparable to someone royal and do you think you deserve what is fit for a king/queen? Do you want to go on a luxury surf trip with your loved one? Well here is the perfect and most royal destination for a luxury filled surfing trip to an oasis of beauty and peace. Actually, not one place alone but two places. These places are destinations where you will find nothing but beauty, peace and a calm environment with calm waves and roaring tides. These are the places which give the vision of luxury at first glance and instantly start relaxing the mind and neutralizing all stress. The two destinations are the legendary Papua New Guinea surf beach and the Mentawai surf beach. Here is a little detail and some points-to-be-noted.

Papua New Guinea: Situated in New Guinea is one of the most kind and helpful regions which is full of hospitality and culture. Apart from these bold qualities, Papua New Guinea is a major tourist attraction because of the heaven-like oasis, the tidal waves and the calm yet roaring sea. Papua New Guinea is one of the biggest surfing spots and if you decide to go all the way to Papua New Guinea for a surfing trip, you will definitely be pleased. Papua New Guinea is mostly surrounded by water and that is why the shores of Papua New Guinea are often seen hosting surfing competitions and also providing places to stay for tourists. The main attractions in Papua New Guinea are the shores themselves, the culture, the people and the elegance and royalty of surfing. One can travel to Papua New Guinea and they can relieve all their stress and depression even in a mere one day visit. The sight of the shores and Papua New Guinea surf stimulates the brain to go into calm and peaceful mode that the brain obliges to do. All these factors combine and represent Papua New Guinea as one of the best surfing destinations.

Mentawai:Mentawai is the small but majestic island off the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. It is majestic and elegant even though it is small. The beauty of Mentawai is just out of this world and so are the natives. Although there aren’t many attractions in the small but elegant island of Mentawai, the Island itself and the heaven-like ocean in enough as an attraction. The Mentawai surf beach is known all over the world for being one of the most perfect and majestic surf beaches in the world. The surfing there is truly amazing and it tends to relieve all your pain and stress. Even if you don’t surf but just watch and observe the beach and the waves, the aura will affect you and all your worries will be gone in a mere minute.

These are two of the most luxurious and majestic surfing beaches of all time. And if you want a luxury surf trip, I seriously recommend any of these two destinations. I can assure you that you simply won’t regret your decision of travelling there.


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