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Attributes of Modern Portfolio Websites

by pixpadesign

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The web is changing, and the need for your website to have an up-to-date look is more important than ever. Many artists are switching to a website portfolio and with good reason. Portfolio websites are interesting and put all of your information front and center. But with so many portfolios being created, it’s important to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Clear Design

The best portfolio websites have clear designs that say something about their creator. They are clean and simple, with relatively little on the page. Adding extra elements, like animated icons or music may seem like a good idea, but they can actually distract users from your message.  Remember that the message you are trying to convey is the most important thing about your website.

User Interactivity

Users are more likely to spend time on a website they enjoy and find engaging. Including interactive elements, such as rollovers can create a memorable experience that will have users coming back for more. The inclusion of interactive features makes users feel as if they are a part of the secret, and make them feel clever. But the clever one is really you, for getting another customer hooked.


One of the most important factors in website design is the website’s responsiveness. If a page takes too long to load or the elements don’t work users are unlikely to spend more than a passing glance at your pages.

Make sure your website scales to all size monitors and still looks excellent. Be especially careful that your website displays properly on small monitors without scrolling. Scrolling is a distraction from what you do and many people will leave a website in frustration instead of giving your work proper consideration.


Minimalism can be used to great effect on the internet. By using white space as a primary means of generating interest users will be drawn into the content of your portfolio.  Minimalism shouldn’t mean a lack of information, instead the space around the content, and the way the content is laid on the page, should be used to highlight the content itself.

Creative Use of Fonts

The number of fonts on a website should be kept to a minimum, but adding an extra font for emphasis consistently across a site can make information pop out to the reader.

Using Fonts of different sizes to show emphasis or draw the eye is another way to add classy visual interest to a website.


Images should be sparse and impactful on an excellent website. Use relevant photos throughout your website or design your-own-clip-art for your background. Don’t use stock images and clipart, which are generic. Use photos that are meaningful to you and your business to generate interest and keep people coming back for more.

The modern portfolio website is the best way for a small business, be they musician, store, photographer, or designer to put their work forward on the web. But, a website needs to be a clean, enjoyable experience to prevent driving customers away before they’ve even given you a chance.

Pixpa lets you to create portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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