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How to maintain the shine on hardwood floors Charleston SC

by JonesRichard

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A house with exquisite hardwood floors is one that many people will envy. Hardwood flooring Charleston SC will add classic charm to a house effectively making it feel warmer and more inviting. Such wooden floors can be made from a variety of woods including oak, teak, maple, Brazilian cherry, and many others. Hardwood flooringis gaining popularity over other forms of flooring because the wood used is uniquely beautiful, easy to clean, offers better thermal insulation, and above all, homes with such wooden floors tend to sell faster and fetch higher prices in the property market. Additionally, you can do without carpets if you have installed hardwood floorsin your house and which is great if someone in your family is allergic to dust that tends to accumulate in floor carpets.


With all its advantages, hardwood flooring Charleston SC needs to be well looked after otherwise it'll gradually lose its shine and turn from the enviable floor it once was to an embarrassing eyesore you will want to hide from your guests. There are many things that can rob hardwood floorsof their luster and the first one is water. When you spill water or any other liquid on a wooden floor and fail to mop it up quickly it will sully the floor simply because wood absorbs moisture if it's not dried quickly enough. The first tip therefore for ensuring that your wooden flooringremains as shiny as new is to prevent spillage of liquids, and in the event you spill some, wipe it off immediately.


The second no-no for a wooden floor is dirt and grit. Its normal for grit to find its way into your house - people will carry it under their shoes and your pets will bring some more - but you should not let grit accumulate on your hardwood floors Charleston SC. Wood is quite delicate and so coarse particles will scratch the floor's shiny surface and dull it. To retain the sheen on a hardwood floor, clean it daily if possible and while at it, use a very soft rug or vacuum cleaner that will not rub the grit on the surface of the floor.


Something else that doesn't do justice to a wooden floor is dragging heavy objects across the room instead of lifting them off the floor. This is a common habit with many people - perhaps out of laziness some would rather pull a coffee table towards a sofa instead of carrying it. With or without realizing it, you scratch a wooden floor's surface each time you drag furniture or any other heavy thing like a suitcase across the room. The damage may not be noticeable at first but with time you will begin to see areas of the floor that have ugly marks.


In addition to regular cleaning, wiping away spilled liquids and not dragging objects on the floor, hardwood flooring Charleston SC will also benefit from regular waxing and polishing. Applying polish helps in two ways. First of all, it helps to restore the original shine of a wooden floor. Wood vanish properly applied is able to fill out tiny abrasions that make the floor look dull. Secondly, it makes the floor more resistant to moisture thereby minimizing staining from spilled substances.


If despite your best efforts your hardwood floors Charleston SC still look unsatisfactory, you may want to call in flooring experts to help. They could recommend thorough cleaning and waxing; if the floor is beyond restoration they can install a new one.



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