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Enjoy your time with slush

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Have you be tired with normal cooling drinking? How about have a cup of slush?

You might be ask what is slush? It is really popular all over the world. In Italy, some people also call it Granita. Slush is a kind of beverage, it is made by freezing a non-carbonated juice or other liquid.


There are a special machine called slush machine/granita machine. With this kind machine, we will have a good taste of slush. slush machine/granita machinedo not have a pressure chamber, so it is much cheaper and easier to maintain. Normally, slush machine/granita machine have a big transparent tank, and can fit on a counter top. With this kind of machine, we could create a wild variety of drinks.including coffee-flavored ices and alcoholic drinks , such as margaritas and daiquiris.

The normal slush drink, sometimes it also called slush puppie. It just use one kind of slurry made by freezing a sweetened base, most time, we use apple ,mango or grape juice.Right now, the slurry is mixed with different syrup according to the buyer's choice. This kind of slush is notable in that the flavored syrup could be drawn out of the drink, and leaving another unflavored base ice .


Slush is often found served as a slush-type drink rather than a dessert, in a paper or plastic cup with a plastic lid and a straw . As this is a mixture of sugar and water. When we make slush throughslush machine/granita machine, we should pay attention that it must contain 12%-22% of sugar.The sugar is an anti -freeze material. For example, for water, when it reach 0℃, it will frozen. When you add sugar into the water, it could make the freezing temperature of the mix lower. So the temperature of slush is lower than normal water drink.


In the slush machine/granita machine, you could find one kind of beater. It could make the mix from freezing solid. And divide it into small solid which taste better.

Today, the beverage industry is developing very rapidly. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, cold drinks occupy a place. But slush still have its own market. More and more shops use this kind of machine to make this special drinking for attract new customer. The sales of the slush machine/granita machine increase hundredfold rise. If you want to know about the slush culture or purchase this kind of machine.


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