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Mistake That Can Be Made While Creating A Portfolio Website

by pixpadesign

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What is a portfolio website?

Portfolio website is an online, attractive, business-related and professional document represented in a manner that shows most of your talents and can bring up to you a maximum number of clients.

What does a professional website portfolio show:

The professional Website portfolio is website representation of your contributions, training, awards, work experience and special accomplishments. It also shows, in a unique manner the talents of your assets.
Mistakes that can be made while creating a portfolio website:

Adding Up Many Images:

No wonder that a website portfolio is attractive due to eye-catching images. It is really a unique representation of your talents. The eye-catching images should be more appropriate because uploading inappropriate images can make it really displeasing and unflattering.
Solution:  Add only 3  to 4 eye catchy and relevant images.

Adding irrelevant Old Experiences:

A portfolio is the representation of your new experiences. If you start adding up all of the old experiences which have not been good enough thinking that more work would impress the client, then don’t because it would take no time for the portfolio to become irrelevant.
Solution: Add only relevant and good, recent experience of your work.

Confusing your offers:

If you are not clear with what you require or what you offer, the client would be easily distracted and would not read any further. Being clear, straight and presenting relevant offerings makes your portfolio attractive.
Solution: Be specific and have a clear representation. Do not write too much just to give a good view because it will be unattractive.

Lying about your work:

If you work with a big client and a company and you do not have the idea that how to show off the talent, you would most likely fail to impress the client.

Solution: Never lie and be truthful and honest about your work.

Flash and Pop-up

Putting up fancy flash and pop up buttons to make it attractive will be definitely a big mistake. This will make the visitors frustrated and alienated. This is because they are looking for something and the navigation is annoying.

Solution: Keep in mind that the viewer is impressed by the features and not by the number of features. Make the navigation simple and self-explanatory.

Keeping the Layout and Design Simple:

Adding up some music and animated ad-on on your portfolio to make it singing and dancing is un-impressive to the viewer as he is not there to hear music. You have not made the portfolio.

Solution: Keep the design and layout simple, clean and nice. Making a right design will make more of the visitors coming to your profile.

Forgetting the Contact Me portion:

If you have a great website and you get a lot of visitors to come to your website portfolio but you are not approachable, you will in fact fail to get the thing for which you had made the portfolio.

Solution: Make sure that the contact me portion is available and is prominent enough to get noted by the visitors. I have seen many of awesome portfolio websites but I fail to contact the user.

Not enough Marketing:

When you have established a portfolio, and you aren’t enough diligent to tell the world, you would not get enough of visitors.

Solution: Do some SEO for your website, market your business, boost the traffic and link up with other social media website through accounts.

Pixpa lets you to create portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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