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Importance of Marketing Your Portfolio Online

by pixpadesign

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If you have tried looking for a job before, you have probably experienced being interviewed about what you can do. Sure having an impressively-written resume is one step to get you there, but if your skill involves something like a portfolio, you might want to step it up another notch. Nowadays, online portfolios have become an essential part of a person’s resume. Artists and writers, for example, will spend hours designing and setting up their portfolio online. However, it does not stop there. If before, portfolios are only brought out during interviews or when asked, nowadays, that isn’t the case. Marketing your portfolio online is now important. Here are a few reasons why.

It Raises Awareness of Your Existence

If you realize that there are millions to billions of people who use the Internet, you will also realize how tough competition may be. This is why you would want your portfolio to stand out. If someone types a search query of “freelance artist for hire”, you would want your portfolio to be in the top results. Why? This is because people often go for the first top results and more visitors to your portfolio means more chances for you to get hired.

Triggers Recommendations and Gets You Featured

Sometimes, all it takes for you is to impress the right people and you are on your way to getting one project after another, if not hired. Bloggers are good examples of these people. Bloggers tend to write a lot about what they see. If a blogger chances upon your website and he/she likes what he/she sees, you can expect that they will write about your portfolio with a link to your page. You might be surprised at how much traffic a single blog feature can garner for your portfolio even if it’s just an average blog.

Reviews, Comments and Recommendations

Portfolios not only show others what you can do. It can also show how you did in previous projects. A few of the most important and helpful things you can put in your portfolio are reactions, comments and testimonials. Testimonials say so much about you as a professional. Get people to comment on your work and encourage them to share your page with others. If you have a healthy collection of reviews and testimonials, it will help so much in getting you more projects.

You Can Earn from Your Portfolio’s Traffic

Your online portfolio can be your blog. If this is true then why not generating income by signing up for ads? Whether it’s an art blog, an article blog, a video blog or something similar, gaining revenue for it is possible with the different blog advertisement sites we have today. This way, marketing your portfolio will not only garner your chances of landing projects or getting hired, but can also give you extra income for the impressions and clicks on certain ads. This also keeps you on the pace of constantly updating your portfolio, which is actually a difficult place to maintain without the proper motivation.

Pixpa lets you to create portfolio website for designers, photographers and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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