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Facts about Digital PDF Brochure, Electronic Brochure and Di

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PDF stands for Portable Digital Format. This electronic form of publication has taken the world with storm. Digital PDF brochure has become the talk of the town as; it is available for viewing at any given point of time, is accessible electronically on computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc., is very convenient for managing large files and is very cheap in terms of expenses.


Why Go for PDF      

This version of publication saves immense space and can be retrieved very easily. Whenever needed, it can be viewed electronically. The space which is saved by converting the files into PDF can be used for any other purpose. Moreover, converting files into PDF is very cheap and can be done at any given point of time.



E-brochure is the abbreviated form of electronic brochure. Since long, printed brochures were used for effective marketing of products and services. But with the deep penetration of internet and ever-increasing use of it, companies are turning to e-brochures for increasing their viewership. This is more cost effective for them, as printed brochures have a lesser shelve life but electronic brochure can be viewed at any point of time. 


Creating Electronic Brochure

First, you have to decide on the files you want to convert to electronic versions. You can use the Microsoft Publisher program, which comes with Microsoft Word for doing this. This program can be used in place of Adobe’s desktop publishing products. Convert any number of files in electronic versions, as per your convenience and requirement.


What Is Digital E-Magazine

The world is habituated to read magazines in hard copy printed form. But with the digitization and penetration of the internet, people are slowly turning towards reading books, magazines and journals in electronic form. This is because of the fast-paced life, where no one has the time to read books in hard copies and want them on the go. In this situation, creating digital e-magazines comes to play.


Why Digital E-Magazine

It is very convenient to read on any electronic medium like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, which is connected to the internet. Any information of the magazine can be viewed with a click of the mouse. Moreover, publishers save money on hard copy distribution and can re-print more editions of the digital e-magazine just by adding or editing some portions.


Thus, it is evident that digital PDF brochure is an effective way to reach wider group of people.

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