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Keyloggers: A handy little gadget to help you protect your

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Many businesses suffer data loss from disgruntled or dishonest employees.  As businesses expand, business owners are forced to trust those they employ to do the right thing.  Unfortunately this does not always happen and some companies can be left in very precarious positions if company secrets are passed to their competitors.  Worse than that, some employees even go so far as to steal from their employer. 

If this were to happen to you, do you have a process in place to prove what happened and who did what with your company computers?  If not, maybe it’s time to consider installing keyloggers.

If you’re not very tech savvy, you may not have even heard of these handy little inventions.  A keylogger comes as a software or hardware option. 

You can install software on to the computer you wish to monitor and then monitor this from another computer.  Whenever you want to see what the computer has been used for you can log in and download the data you need.

The other option is to plug in a small external device to record the keystrokes onto its own memory.  This is quick and easy and most people will not realise what is plugged into the back of their computer or monitoring their computer usage.  When you want to check the computer usage, all you need to do is retrieve the device and download the data it contains.

Any time the computer is used, keyloggers will record any keystrokes that are made.  So you will have all the passwords and user names that are entered into the computer when the user is accessing various software or internet sites.  You will be able to check email and conversations that appear on Skype of other types of instant messaging programs. 

Once installed, a keylogger can work in your favour in two ways. 

  1. You can monitor the computer use.  This will enable you to catch the start of any problems.  When information is passed, it is normally discussed first.  You will be able to monitor these discussions and possibly prevent the information changing hands in the first place.
  2. Secondly, if you are unlucky enough for data to be passed to your competitors or to have funds transferred from your business accounts, a keylogger will allow you to have the evidence of exactly who did the activities and will also allow you to have a log of the evidence.  This evidence could help you should you have to prove to law enforcement that the activities did occur and who may be responsible for them.

As you can see, keyloggers can save you a lot of grief if you have them installed early on in the life of your business.  Even once you suspect the start of unsavoury practices, it is never too late to install them to help you to gather the evidence you will need.

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