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Various Conveniences of an HP Thin Client Environment

by benitabolland

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Computer users today are more demanding; they wish to gain access to data anytime, anywhere. And access should be secure, not to mention affordable. Thin clients are the optimal solution for these demands. In an HP Thin Client environment, users carry out their computing on a virtual desktop located on the central server. There are no hard drives required; all computing resources are performed on the server.


Thin clients permit a more secure method of storing applications and data. Keystrokes, screen images, and mouse activity is everything that's sent between the server and client, so in the event that a thin client is misplaced, stolen, or damaged, your data and applications will be secure. Thin clients are the best solution for businesses that have to observe laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


In a thin client environment, the client hardware is less vulnerable to crashing, viruses, and malware. Clients are connected to servers using a web browser of a remote desktop software. Depending on a user's demands, client hardware could be a familiar Windows environment or dedicated single-application booths.


In case of an emergency or a disaster, thin clients permit computer operations to continue. And since these equipment do not have a fan, hard drive, or other moving parts, thin clients have a longer lifespan than normal computers, and they can be easily and cost-effectively replaced. The lack of moving parts also suggests that thin clients supply better savings on electricity usage than standard desktop computers.


Enhanced security, manageability and dependability—all of these perks brought together to give thin client users with a reduced total cost of ownership. An industry study measured thin client yearly cost savings as: 79 % downtime cost per user, 34 % less maintenance costs, 19 % less operational expenses, 16 % capital cost-savings, and 48 % less total cost of ownership.

To save more on expenses, you can acquire thin clients reconditioned. Even the terminal servers for these devices—like a sleek Etherlite 16 Terminal Server —can be purchased refurbished. Refurbished thin clients and terminal servers are offered on the internet by a lot of online computers shops, so finding them will be uncomplicated. Discover the conveniences of using refurbished devices from

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