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Let's Do Waste Management

by airadmoz

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Many of us don’t understand the true condition of our precious planet Earth today. It is important for each of us to know and truly understand that our planet is continuously dying because of our wrong deeds.

Perhaps some people have tried to practice Waste Management but never truly understand the true meaning of it. Here on this article, we’ll talk about many aspects involved in what we call Waste Management. Together let’s do our part for the sake of our planet for us to be able to live our lives ‘to the fullest’ and not ‘to the foolest’.


What is Waste Management?

Waste management according to Wikipedia is the act of collecting, transporting, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials. That’s very true but if you can see, there is something missing from that definition. The word ‘proper’ was not included. Let us not forget that word because that it is very important when we talk about Waste Management.

But with that comes the big questions:  how, what, when, and where. How   are we suppose to do proper waste management? What are some tips to do waste management? When is the right time to do waste management? Where should we do waste management?

Well then let’s get to those tricky questions right away.


How to do proper Waste Management?

Doing waste management is very easy; contrary to our assumption that it is hard to do, very stressful, time consuming, and a boring activity.

Let’s just put it on our mind this way, practicing waste management is worth giving a try because it will definitely lessen the pain of our mother Earth when we’re doing it.

When doing Waste Management, the best thing that I’ll tell you is that every one of us should practice doing the famous three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). It is true that recycling is very much acquainted with Waste Management. But not only that, there’s still the word Reduce and Reuse. The secret of doing proper Waste Management is mastering the cycle of those famous words.

First, let’s talk about Reduce. Reducing is basically the first move that we usually do. Let’s not waste so much resources, particularly material resources. Keep in mind that as much as possible, we should reduce wasting raw materials here in this world. When we reduce, let’s also reuse and recycle every material that we think can still be useful. Remember, our resources is not enough to sustain all our human needs so we all better be creative in recycling.


What are some tips to do proper Waste Management?

There’s a lot of ways to do manage our wastes. For now, I have listed tips for you to follow.  Hopefully it will be useful enough to empower you for proper waste management


1       Install garbage can, recycling hopper, trash can, and garbage bin on your site. If you live in an building, put out your garbage regularly on the giant dumping hoppers provided by the management.


If you work in a construction site, follow the rules for scrap disposal strictly. Most construction companies nowadays use scrap hopper to ease waste disposal and hasten the work flow.


2       Practice Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

3       Recycle papers, cans, bottles, and other material resources that you think will not be needed anymore.

4       Be responsible enough when disposing your waste. You should know the difference between Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable wastes.

5       Do not throw your waste to places wherever you wanted to do so. Throw it to the proper garbage can.

6       Purchase recycled or environmentally friendly items on stores.

7       Read more about Waste Management and share your thoughts to others.


When is the right time to do proper Waste Management?

Always remember that the right time to do proper Waste Management is everyday. Waste Management is not a task that you do once and forget the next day. It requires consistency.  In fact, it is a task that should be done by every one of us in living in this dying planet. Let’s start practicing Waste Management today and help our Mother Earth lessen her burden so that she will still be able to survive.


Where should we do proper Waste Management?

We should do Waste Management in every site we’re on and everywhere in this world we’ll go. On our office, homes, backyards, parks, etc. Don’t forget to install garbage can, self dumping hoppers, trash can, and garbage bin on your site.


We’re all together in this mission to help our Mother Earth. Let’s all be responsible enough and start practicing Waste Management today!

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