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Surviving the Aftermath of Car Accidents in Edmonton

by amybaron

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People hope to live lives free from any serious disruptions. To assure efficiency and safety on our roadways, it is extremely important to abide by established guidelines, such as crossing the road in the right location and avoiding cutting other people in queue at the nearest bus stop. All may appear well and every person around you appears to be law abiding ... until an accident happens on the road.

Metro Edmonton is truly a big location: there are kilometers of straightaways connecting at a number of intersections throughout the region. Depending on their category under the national road system, each roadway can be several lanes wide. This presents a temptation for car owners to put the pedal to the metal, specifically those in the prohibited racing circuit. Consequently, this type of careless action could be the catalyst for car accidents in Edmonton, such as rundowns, sideswipes, or fatal crashes.

The odds of getting involved in a vehicular accident, whether you are the instigator or the victim, can vary according to the location and how firmly the traffic rules are imposed in that location. However, the aftermath could be harsh for both parties, especially if someone involved in the crash landed in the emergency room or died on the spot. Even when the authorities have completed their on-site examination of the accident, chances are, the finger-pointing may continue. Both sides may need to get their own legal representatives to deal with everything.

If you were the aggrieved party in the mishap, it's a clever move to get the contact numbers of the other motorists, the injured pedestrians, and other witnesses. The vehicle license plate and the VIN number have to likewise be taken down even before the accident injury legal representative is spoken to. This could hasten the application procedure with the insurance company if both sides are indeed covered.

If both sides legally reside in Alberta and the accident occurred within its boundaries, the province's Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program can apply to them. On the other hand, it's more challenging if the at-fault person or persons weren't identified during the time of the incident. The injured individual has 90 days to identify and file a lawsuit against them.

Serious Edmonton car accidents aren't to be taken lightly. How the parties deal with the case may depend on their degree of helpfulness with the authorities. To know more about this topic, browse through justice. alberta. ca/programs _ services/mvac/Publications _ MVAC/TheAlbertaMotorVehicleAccidentClaimsProgramInformationResource. aspx/DispForm. aspx? ID = 2 today.


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