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How Proactive Treatment Can Improve Oral Health for Diabetic

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Most patients understand what it takes to prevent cavities and gum disease. However, patients suffering from diabetes need to be particularly vigilant in their dental care to maintain a healthy smile. Diabetes can compromise your dental health, but with a dental provider who is well prepared to address these special circumstances, you can work collaboratively to avoid complications brought on by diabetes.

Our Rancho Cucamonga diabetes dentists provide dentistry services for diabetic patients to help combat the complications associated with diabetes. Please read on to learn how we can help, and please consider calling us for more information about specific treatment options.

Preventative dentistry care

There are two main factors why diabetic patients are more prone to dental decay and gum disease. The first is that diabetics have higher blood glucose levels. Oral bacteria feed and thrive on the elevated levels of sugar and starches found in your blood. Unfortunately, over time these bacteria break down dental enamel and speed the progression of gum disease. The second factor is that diabetes weakens your ability to fight infections, and as such it is more difficult for your body to fend off oral infections.

Our dental team encourages proactive dental care for diabetic patients so they can maintain the healthiest mouth possible. Routine professional dental cleanings along with a customized at-home dental hygiene regimen will aid your efforts to combat oral bacteria and acid erosion.

Surgical restorative care

Diabetes requires that special precautions be taken when patients undergo surgery. Because diabetic patients often have trouble healing after oral surgery, it might be necessary to adjust some of you diabetes medications temporarily to ensure your health.Our Rancho Cucamonga diabetes dentists are prepared and trained to effectively treat diabetic patients for surgical procedures. We monitor your post-op care and advise you of any precautions you make need to take going forward.

We understand that diabetic patients have specific dental needs, and we want you to know we are trained to handle these complicated issues. Please call our Rancho Cucamonga dental office for more information about diabetic dental care or to schedule a consultation.



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