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Document Rights Management

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Document rights management has never been a problem when it comes to physical documents or items. However, the internet has brought about an age where it is so easy to copy someone else's work and get away with it. In fact, many people do not even perceive stealing documents on the internet as a crime, because it is so simple and so easy to get away with. However, we do not want companies and individuals to suffer theft and revenue loss any longer. With our document rights management software, you will be able to protect any documents you have effectively.

Document retention is crucial, because you need to feel secure when it comes to putting your jpeg files, documents, pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other data on your website. With our software, you will be able to control when documents expire, how they are downloaded or copied, in fact you will even be able to see when and how they are being used. When a document or image is drm protected, people will not be able to copy/paste the image or even screen grab it. Similarly, documents cannot just be screen grabbed or downloaded without the permission of the website owner.

The respect that our services have and their quality is evident by the number of top companies that are working with us for
document retention. The likes of Epson, Hitachi, Microsoft, VMWare, SAP, Cisco, Symanetec, HP, and BBC all trust us to protect their documents and other multimedia online. These are companies that have some important data or media on their websites and their servers. With our DRM service, they are able to place these documents and be safe in the knowledge that they are DRM protected. In this day and age where almost everything is done and shared online, you cannot expect to have a profitable business without the right document rights control.

With our software you will be able to:

- share documents securely
- ensure that no documents or images are pirated
- stop any unauthorized distribution of your data, images, files, documents
- revoke access to information
- prevent or allow use from specific IP addresses
- prevent screen grabbing

We are always innovating, because we know that the internet and theft of data is always evolving. Our software does not use insecure protection methods such as passwords, JavaScript, plugins or Flash. This ensures the best protection possible for your documents.

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