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The Difference Between Commercial and Home Furniture

by crawleylinda

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For most people, furniture is the same. A table is still a table, as long as it functions as it’s supposed to do. But for certain people, there is a huge difference between different types of furniture. If you are a business owner, it is vital for you to distinguish first the difference between commercial furniture and home furniture so that you will get the right kind that will fit the needs of your business.

Commercial restaurant tables and chairs are in a class of their own. These kinds of furniture pieces are designed for extended utilisation and are more often than not able to withstand reconstruction, redecoration, and repair. Such kinds of furniture are produced for business use. These are typically sold in bulk for the reason that restaurateurs utilise them to accommodate a high number of customers on a daily basis. Also, since commercial furniture is meant for everyday use by different people, then it is supposed to be scratch-resistant, easy to clean, easy to move around, and, of course, it must be cost-effective, so it can be used for a longer period of time. It will be very costly for a business to change furnishings every few years.

If you will compare café restaurant furniture with home furniture, you will see that commercial versions are more solid. This is because the material used for this kind of pieces is stronger. It is unwise for you to not think carefully and just settle for any type of furniture for your business, since you may get furniture that wears off easily and not tough enough to last for a longer period of time. Home furniture is also designed to be used only by fewer people, so when used commercially, they might break easily.

It is advisable for you to determine which among furniture styles are made for commercial use before you decide to use them in your restaurant business. Commercial furniture sets are highly durable in comparison to home furniture ones. They are designed to be as such because aside from the reason that more people use them, people are not as careful when using them, unlike how they are with their own home furnishings. When people eat out, they usually do not take the time to gently move the restaurant tables and chairs. You have to be prepared with people’s rough movements and acquire only the highest quality commercial furniture to prevent unnecessary spending on your furnishings.

Home furniture can sometimes be bulky, as they know that houses have more space and do not necessarily need to maximise the area. Commercial ones, on the other hand, should be movable and relatively lightweight since people who come to dine are of different group sizes; some groups consist of only a few individuals while others have more. If a larger group arrives, you can easily rearrange the tables to accommodate the higher number of people. If the customers are a couple on a date, you can place a small table and chairs for two in one corner of your restaurant. By purchasing furniture sets that are actually intended for commercial use, you are sure to answer to the different needs of your customers.



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