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Chinese College Basketball Coach Visits Valparaiso Universit

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Chinese college basketball coach Xu JianHua from Zhejiang University of Technology in China, is visiting Valparaiso University to learn about the mens and womens basketball teams.

He is going to stay at Valparaiso University for one year to observe both mens and womens basketball teams. Coach Xu will be using his time observing both teams to learn about their training for basketballs. On October 27, 2012 Coach Xu watched his first Valpo mens basketball game. He watched his frist game as a normal audience. If some of you didn’t know, Valparaiso and Hangzhou are sister cities. Valparaiso has very good relationship with uiversities in Hangzhou, this also includes Zhejiang University of Technology. Last summer Valpo’s women basketball team and five men’s basketball players went to Hangzhou for a short time to visit. At that time, Coach Xu had already built up some communication with Valpo’s team.

Zhejiang University of Technology is a strong team in Zhejiang Province and they have got into CUBA league many times. While in order to get his team onto the next  stage, Coach Xu applied for a one year learning in Valpo.

On Oct. 27, Valparaiso’s basketball team to won over Saint Joseph’s. Coach Xu sat in the audience as a normal fan to enjoy Valpo’s first game. Coach Xu said, “To be in the audience, not a coach, is lot of fun, I could totally enjoy the game, it’s also my first time to watch the college game in America, it’s totally different from our league, a lot of things are worth to learn. I like the atmosphere here.”

Valpo had established the advantage in the first quarter, and cruised through the final quarter , “Valpo is really a strong team, they have a lot of good players to use, they have stronger bodies and more solid basic skill than the opponent and it is easy to see that they have a good training system that they use to well and to the fullest extent.”

Valpo’s forward Bobby Capobianco did a good job this night. He has been to China last summer, and has strong impression of Chinese basketball players. “Chinese basketball players are all very competitive and very skilled players. They are very well coached and execute their plays very precisely.” Bobby said, “I enjoyed playing against the Chinese teams while also learning about the Chinese culture, and I hope coach Xu got good time tonight.”


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