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Drupal SEO checklist

by seashorepartners

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Drupal SEO Checklist – Insights into the SEO Health of Your Drupal Website


If statistics are to be believed, around 901,574 people in 228 countries speaking 181 languages make use of Drupal. As it is loaded with so many features, it comes as no surprise that this open source platform has such a huge user-base. It is not only known for its excellent in-built features but can also be combined easily with third party modules making it more powerful as a content management system.

Let alone its compatibility with third party module, what is considered as its best and most powerful feature is its search engine friendliness. Whether you deploy just the in-built features or combine it with third party modules, it supports a range of critical SEO elements which further strengthens your website’s position on search engines.

What is more amazing is that the Drupal community provides users with an excellent tool to check the current SEO status/health of your website. Known as “SEO_Checklist”, the tool scrutinizes the modules, arrangements and settings installed on the website and furnishes with a checklist to improve its SEO health in accordance with the best SEO practices.

  • Uniform Resource Locaters (URLs)

The whole world knows that all search engines read the URL of a particular page to search and load it. The URLs having a connection with the page content are easier to find as they rank much higher in the database. Drupal SEO checklist helps accomplish this and provides with guidelines to eliminate non-recognized notations. It strips out unnecessary notations/content and shortens the URLs so that they can be found quickly and easily on search engines. Not only this, short URLs offer your website more visibility on social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook.

  • Page Titles

Don’t confuse a page title with that of an article title. A page title shows on the top of the Window. Keywords used in the page title must be related to the URL of the page as it offers you greater visibility. If they do not match the content on your page, it is extremely difficult for the search engine to locate the page. Drupal SEO checklist helps you achieve this in accordance with the best SEO practices.

  • Meta Tags

Although meta tags are no longer popular with search engines but they can still help you in sticking to the white hat SEO rules. Previously, meta tags contained keywords that were used to locate the pages on search engine. But due to black hat SEO, it soon went out of the trend. So, you may not benefit with the right usage of meta tags but you can certainly be penalized with their wrong or unethical usage.  Drupal SEO checklist still guides you about the correct usage of Meta tags to optimize your site according to search engine’s latest guidelines.


Drupal SEO checklist certainly covers many other areas of white hate search engine optimization but the above mentioned are the major ones. The idea is to make use of Drupal development for website and get access to Drupal SEO checklist to improve your search engine ranking.


Kuntal Mehta (KJ) is the managing partner of Seashore Partners, a web development, e-commerce solution and SEO company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. In this article, he talks about Drupal SEO checklist that makes Drupal development a stronger and more preferred platform for web development and content management.



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