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Different Ways to Pay for your Dream Car

by carsonwininger

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Having a car in Toronto these days is more than just flexing your financial muscles. With the world becoming increasingly fast paced, cars provide people with a convenient way to travel both short and long distances. Cars allow individuals to connect with their loved ones even if they are miles apart.

But despite becoming more of a necessity, the process of owning a car can be a long and complicated one. Along with the plethora of things that you need to know and discern—from finding a car in Toronto auto dealerships down to the checking a vehicle’s every detail—you also need to think about how you’re going to pay for it. When planning to buy a car, you need to familiarize yourself with the different payment methods to understand how each one could benefit you.


Paying in cash makes car transactions a lot simpler. All you have to do is negotiate for the car’s price and then pay the dealer the agreed amount. Cash payments are, in a way, cheaper as it eliminates added costs incurred through down payments and interest rates.


The most common method to get a car in Toronto these days is through financing. Financing usually comes in the form of auto loans and dealership financing. Just like in home loans, auto loans are available through banks, lending institutions, and credit unions. Your credit rating will determine if you’ll get the approval or not.

For car buyers who have poor credit ratings, financing through your Toronto auto dealer can be a good idea. Dealership financing is a rather simple and quicker option to obtain a new car. The dealer’s tie-ups with lenders and banks allow car buyers, particularly those with poor credit, to obtain auto loans much easier. And due to the competitive landscape of the car industry, various dealers now offer low-rate loan programs.


Fancy that Mazda 3 from Downsview car dealers but don’t want to be tied to many years of payment? Leasing is a payment option for individuals who enjoy driving a brand new car every couple of years. Depending on the lease program, you can take a new car home without making down payments. Your monthly payments are also much lower compared to conventional auto loans. For more information, visit

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