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Create a Buzz

by jamesonaugust

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It’s approaching that time of year, when tourists and Londoners flock to the capital to start their Christmas shopping. The streets will be buzzing with excited shoppers, all trying to grab the best bargains. Christmas markets will soon be out in force, selling mulled wine and German sausages and unique handmade goods that you won’t find in mainstream stores. Ice skating rinks will be full to the brink with people all wanting to be the next Torvill and Dean, and Oxford Street will be sprinkling it’s Christmas joy with its festive twinkly lights. Crowds of people will be lining the streets to watch their famous celebrity press the switch and turn on the Christmas lights, with Christmas songs blasting out from shops and department stores enticing us all in. Christmas is a happy and joyful time of year and London knows how to create and keep that festive buzz.


This is an excellent time of year for businesses to generate a buzz around their own brand by catching the crowd’s attention. The more original the better, and ambient media is the way to do this. Ambient media is an alternative to traditional media and can be used in conjunction with mainstream media or by itself. The key to success is to choose the best media format and an effective message for your campaign


Ambient media advertising is an innovative method of advertising to get the attention of the public and potential consumers. It’s an effective way of pushing your brand message in front of customers to ensure they remember your brand and it remains in their mind recall. It was initially formed as precise audience targeting, when a decline was seen to be happening within the traditional media. It offers versatility and can increase a greater demand for point of sale.


Guerrilla Marketing with Ambient Media produces attentions from the masses in centralized locations in London and is a low-cost way to promote your business. By looking at an effective and an inspired way of promoting your message, such as getting your message outdoors, it gets people talking and creates the buzz around your brand. Guerrilla marketing is a form of advertising on rickshaws around the streets of London, using pedal power to spread your campaign through the city. It can reach a wide audience and diverse range of people.


Other forms of this advertising, can be on the backs of car park tickets or the handles of shopping trolleys, directly interacting with people in their everyday activities. Campaigns have even featured large images being projected on the sides of buildings or reaching heights on hot air balloons to produce mass attention in public areas and central locations. So use ambient advertising to spread your brand and create a buzz in London.


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Jameson August is a freelance writer with experience contributing to Christmas is an excellent time of year for businesses to generate a buzz. For more information: Outdoor Advertising

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