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Efence: captcha alternative for simple human authentication

by liyo89

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Have you ever wondered about what is the most ideal check to protect your web forms from spambots? CAPTCHA is one of the most ideal checks that most people don’t notice, but it keeps out all the bots and spammers effectively.

You have probably seen web forms where you need to enter some strings that permit you to submit the form and that string is nothing else than CAPTCHA. The program is like a validation code that distinguishes between real humans and internet bots. Many of the website owners face trouble and meet unique challenges in protecting their web resources from automated spam bots. CAPTCHA is the answer to all such menaces.

CAPTCHA creates a significant accessibility barrier, as a user has to devote an extra effort, sometimes, to understand the alphanumeric strings that are badly distorted and difficult to read. People with partial sight or visual disability, cognitive disability like dyslexia, face much trouble to translate the string into normal characters to be entered in a text box. This defeats the purpose of CAPTCHA and damages accessibility of the website, as it poses a challenge even to real humans.

To address this issue, many CAPTCHA alternatives have arrived in market; and one of the best alternatives is efence. The multimedia based images are presented and users just need to click on a requested portion of the image to pass the verification process. The simplicity and efficacy of this method makes it attractive to website owners. This captcha alternative remains hard on bots and spammers, and on the other hand, provides simplicity to real humans while submitting web forms.

efence product can be used for PHP, Java, based web forms and is even compatible with many other popular platforms. If you are looking for a CAPTCHA alternative, then start with efence.

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