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How to Adjust the Magnetic Separator Process

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The magnetic system of Wet magnetic separator is made of the high-quality ferrite material or the composite with rare earth magnets and the average magnetic flux density of the cylinder is from 100 to 600mT. According to the needs of users, Hongxing Heavy Industry can provide a variety of types of magnetic separator such as the cocurrent type, countercurrent type and the semi-countercurrent. The magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, large processing capacity, easy to operate and easy to maintain and so on. The process has a special significance for energy saving, effective use of depleted iron ore and the improvement of the quality of the final iron concentrate.
Wet magnetic separator usually matches with other mineral processing equipment to form the ore  beneficiation process. The quality of the finished products and the level of accuracy are the important indicators to measure the magnetic separation operation as well as the important production targets to measure the whole beneficiation process. In order to improve the grade of the concentrates, reduce the loss of concentrates and increase the recovery and utilization of tailings, the operators of the magnetic separator should always pay attention to the process adjustment such as the nature of the material to be sorted, pulp density, pulp color, product quality and the change of the flushing water pressure in the production process. If any of the conditions changes, but the magnetic separator device is still in opeation in accordance with the normal operational rate, which will have an impact on the normal operation of magnetic separator. Therefore, the operator of the magnetic separator should keep contact with that of other processes to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the whole production process so that the operator can adjust the production process of the magnetic separator according to the changes in the nature of the materials and other conditions, adjust the amount of feeding or the water pressure and regulate the rotational speed of the cylinder of magnetic separator to avoid the waste of energy consumption and guarantee the quality and taste of concentrate.


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