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Signs that You Need Compulsive Eating Treatment

by eunicejackson

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There are various kinds of addiction. A growing number of people in the nation have become addicted to food, although many of the most commonly abused substances are drugs and alcohol. Food addiction is a more difficult problem to solve because you require food to stay alive, contrary to alcohol and drugs. This is the reason why many people go through compulsive eating treatment to assist them to deal with their food addiction head on.

Researches have presented that for certain people, food also triggers the pleasure centers of the brain same with heroin or cocaine. These are varieties of food that are rich with sugar, salt, and fat, which cause an increase in dopamine levels. Dopamine is known as the "feel-good-chemical." This is the reason many individuals with addictive personalities feel the desire to eat again.

Food addition is also referred to as compulsive eating behavior (CEB), a fairly common though least diagnosed eating disorder. This condition is distinguished by compulsive overeating which is the lack of ability to stop eating gross amounts of food. A tell-tale sign that you're suffering from CEB is if you feel helpless and feel urged to eat even when you're physically unable to.

People who are experiencing CEB typically feel disgusted and depressed by their condition. They often eat very quickly until they are uncomfortably full and feel self-disgust almost instantaneously; some people even hide the evidence of their overindulging. People with CEB generally eat to take flight from their difficulties and the issues are often psychological. They have poor self-esteem and body image and have no self-control.

Compulsive eating behavior often results in obesity as well as many other associated health-problems. If you or your loved one has any of the aforementioned signs, you may need to go through food addiction treatment. Like any types of addiction, it's vital to address the origin of the problem before it's too late.

There are some treatment facilities that give a food addiction program which has been a growing concern for lots of people in the country. You can speak to a certified counselor, if you wish to discover more about exactly how the program can help break down these unhealthy eating patterns. For even more relevant information, you can browse through and

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