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San Diego Auto Repair Specialists Winter-blend Fuel: A Peek

by ritamccall

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California officials recently announced that it would permit gasoline stations to sell winter-blend fuel before the winter season. Gov. Jerry Brown hopes to ease gas prices all over the state by giving the people a very early start at using this blend of gas for their automobiles. The USA in fact makes use of summer-blend fuel for most of the year, but burning fuel in cold situations might prove challenging for engines. This is exactly why gasoline stations in the country provide winter-blend fuel throughout the winter season.

Winter-blend gas is typically made available by November, with California starting the conversion by October 31. Basically, the greatest distinction is that winter-blend evaporates a lot faster than its summer equivalent. But what comprises the two and how does a San Diego auto repair shop figure into all this?

To recognize a summer blend from a winter blend, you need to know about the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP). As per ASTM D323, the RVP is the measure of how volatile a certain blend of gas is, described by the amount of vapor pressure exerted at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Researchers claim gasoline blends should not exceed 14.7 psi—otherwise, it becomes pure gas.

As per EPA mandate, summer-blend fuel has an RVP between 7.8 and 9.0 psi, while winter blends have a higher RVP. Winter fuel has a mix of butane as an additive, with its high RVP of 52 psi. This clarifies why winter fuel is less costly and more effective in the combustion process in winter than summer fuel.

San Diego auto repair professionals claim the butane in winter fuel could trigger minor troubles if the engine isn't looked at. Butane will hardly do anything negative to combustion engines, but it's safer to winterize your vehicle before the very first snowflake falls. The cold season is fast approaching, and it will definitely make your engine work harder because of the freezing temperature. It's exactly because of this that you have to have your engine checked out in preparation for the holidays.

Check out to understand more about winter-blend gasoline. You can also read a more detailed version by heading over to Among the most important requirements of being an auto owner is knowing just what goes in your automobile. You do not need to have the expertise of a mechanic, but it helps to be familiarized.

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