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iPhone Repairs – 3 Common Ways to Crush an iPhone

by anonymous

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An iPhone is a very sensitive gadget. In fact, most gadgets released by Apple are quite fragile when you first touch them. They seem like a combination of hidden circuits, a cover and a glossy screen. The screen is the first one to give up, regardless of the accident your iPhone has to go through. All in all, the costs for iPhone repairs are also quite expensive, so you can always count on a few prevention measures. If you find yourself unable to take care of your phone accordingly, you might hope for your warranty or insurance to cover the mobile phone. When it doesn't, you will end up spending a lot to fix it. You can take it to an official dealer and still keep the warranty, but you may just as well spend less money in a regular service. You will automatically void the warranty then. But when would you need such a service?

Problematic pockets

If you think your iPhone is safe in your pockets, think twice. In fact, holding it in a pocket is the most common cause for broken or cracked screens. The tight jeans are the most problematic ones. Whether you bend over, kneel or just sit down in your car, the pressure your gadget has to support is huge. At some moment or another, it will give up. Even the large jeans can cause problems, as you may accidentally sit on it.


Dropping an iPhone is the last thing you want to do, especially since it is so fragile. Too much glass will most likely ask for extra care. However, a lot of people end up looking after iPhone repairs services from their own fault. Dropping it accidentally is a very common problem. Most people drop it accidentally on the floor or the street. It usually happens when it keeps ringing and you are desperate to answer. This is when you are inattentive and you drop it. Some users may also do it on purpose. Reaching at home after a long day at work and unloading your pockets or bag on the table without too much care can also ruin your iPhone.


Crushing an iPhone is the third most popular way to crack its screen. A lot of people place their mobile phones at a low level. Sometimes, they put them down close to their beds before going to sleep. Those who have this unusual habit have probably stepped on it quite a lot of times, especially in the morning. It is just as common to talk on the phone, then put it on the edge of a stair, thinking that you will pick it up later. Whether you forget about it or someone else doesn't see it, stepping on it is only a matter of time.

When the iPhone ends up in such places, it is less likely to always remember where you put it and stepping on it may seem the best way to find it. If you know you are the type who does not really look around when walking, you should never keep your iPhone on the floor. Such a habit can be quite expensive.

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