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Whizz around the city this Christmas on a London rickshaw.

by jamesonaugust

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As much as it pains us to admit it, that time of year has slowly crept up on us again as we reach for our winter coats and start planning the festive period. This does seem a bit premature, it’s not even been Halloween for goodness sake, but let us not forget that the phenomenal summer games this year were seven years in the making. Of course we’re not for a moment suggesting that you need to take this much consideration when you’re pondering the ideas for the big day’s dinner, but Christmas always runs much smoother if you’re prepared. And what comes with this joyous occasion, but work parties, that’s what. There is an on-going thing that Christmas parties can be dangerous - with copious amounts of alcohol flowing, certain bad things can happen. Perhaps alongside the photocopier or in the stationary cupboard. So why not eliminate this, and actually use this time to partake in an activity that the entire office can enjoy. Working in the city, the world is your oyster. And we bet you’ve never actually taken the time to look around this majestic place.


This is where events on rickshawsmost certainly come into their element. With plenty of bikes to cater for whatever size team it is you need to transport, of course there is a limit, the idea of toasting in the end of the working year, huddled up with a pal, sipping champagne and seeing the city from the streets is actually so inspired, we’re just waiting for it to appear on the society pages of Vogue. It’s becoming quite the in thing for those that are looking to stay one foot ahead in every circumstance. Decorating the rickshaws, perhaps with your company logo, or just a bit of tinsel, it can be your very own santa sleigh. It still amazes us just how many ways you can get around the city in, and how few we actually use on a regular basis. So what better way to mix it up, with colleagues, and enjoy the city lit up in all its festive glory.


Though you won’t be able to expense these London event rickshawsfrom the kitty, you deserve more of a treat for all your hard work this year, it makes sense that corporate’s money be spent on something worthwhile. After all, you can drink copious amounts of alcohol on any day of the year, so long as it’s a Friday or Saturday, so engage in something different. If you’re worried about the safety aspect, these things don’t whizz around the corner at top speeds - it’s a relaxing journey. Something where you can sit back, look at the pretty lights, and allow the crew of the event rickshawsto help bring the festive cheer to you.


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The city provides great inspiration for writing about the It makes sense to try as many things as you can in the city, which is why event rickshaws are around. for writer Jameson August, who has a BA in Journalism. For more information: Click Here


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