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The lasting appeal of iconic fringe dresses in modern showbi

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Fringe dresses are some of the oldest and yet still appealing dress types in the history of women fashion. Celebrity Anne Hathaway appeared wearing one in The Australian. Her figure immediately became sensational news across Australian media platforms not because of her weight loss but mainly because of how she looked. The Australian’s photograph featured her looking extremely healthy in a “chic black fringed dress”. Most media reports and commentaries concurred that she looked incredibly elegant in the fringe dress and a matching pair of black high heels.

These sorts of descriptions fittingly capture the lasting appeal of a
fringe dress and its ability to emphasize on the feminine form and beauty. For centuries fringed dresses have been a popular option for those seeking a sexy, chic, lean and eye-catching look. It has been worn to create Bettie Page’s trademark look on many of her pin-up posters (she is debatably the reigning queen of pin-ups across the globe). Numerous diva celebrities have also worn it; Australian and British celebrities are especially fond of fringes. Lots of Australia’s most stylish women have been pictured and filmed in iconic fringe dresses ranging from Emma Freedman to Kristy Hinze, from Erica Packer to Carla McGuire, from Melissa George to Cate Blanchett, and from Miranda Kerr to Princess Mary.


Indeed, while many dress types have faded into history following culture and social dynamics changes, the fringed dress has remained a popular choice for leading celebrities. This lasting appeal of the fringe dress can be traced to its simplicity, despite being immensely alluring. In its most basic design the fringe dress provides maximal comfort for the wearer (since it is loose, short and free-flowing) while simultaneously pulling a sexy modern slim feminine look. Regardless of design style, a fringed dress almost always looks unique.


Arguably the best fringes designs have traditionally been crafted with silky woven fabrics although for modern dresses designers are increasingly using knit fabrics in much the same way as silk fabrics were used previously. Knit fabrics are especially suitable when designing costumes to reflect dressing styles popular in the 1920s. However, the silk fringe dress remains the most popular design both for individuals and costume sets.


A good fringe dress design consists of a creative edging with strips of hanging tassels, beads and threads modifying the periphery of a fitting dress. One of the key attraction features of a fringed dress is its ability to contrast different bright colors rhythmically. For instance, the tank dress may be adorned with a corresponding color of fringes. At other times, both the dress and the fringes may have contrasting and/or complementing colors thus allowing room for greater designs creativity. A red dress adorned with a layer of black fringe, for instance, looks very unique from a white dress with red and bland fringe attachments. Modern designers have used this room to create some of the most iconic fringe dresses seen on catwalks and red carpets across the globe. It is therefore not surprising that the fringe dress is still among the most popular costumes in modern theatre and film after all these years.


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