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Know the importance of load testing in IT industry

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IT industry has seen a rapid growth in last few years. This IT world has many stream lines, which help organizations to develop a product or to support it. We all know about the software development lifecycle, which includes all the parts like coding, development, testing, client submission and more.  The main part of this cycle is coding and testing.  Testing is important for any product development as it takes a key. Once the product has been tested, only then, it can be released in the IT market.

There are many types of software testing available in the IT industry. These are white box testing, black box testing, unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, system testing, performance testing, automation testing, stress testing, end to end testing, compatibility testing, scalability testing, load, volume testing and more. Out of all these performance testing is most popular and preferable by many IT companies. Most of the organizations use it to determine the speed of a computer, network, or the software application or device. These days, large organizations prefer load testing to determine the system response and the heavy load of a system. Usually, it is defined as the process of setting command on a system or device to measure its response. This term is often used synonymously with another terms like performance testing, volume testing and reliability testing.

Generally, it proposes the estimated usage of the software program or device for multiple users who have access to this program alongside. It is mainly applicable for multi-user systems. It is a subset of performance testing. It checks system behavior under heavy loads and determines its response. The first step in this testing is to identify the current load levels. Once it identifies the current load levels, it estimates the target load levels and test duration. The next is, monitoring system performance, suggesting execution strategy and analyzing the result. You can easily monitor the server condition, and system response time during this test. The main goal of load testing is to find the metrics for system performance under high loads. It also determines the minimal configuration, identification and quantification of risk. In conclusion, this test is mainly used for websites and to test the system behavior and its performance under heavy load conditions by pretending thousands of users.

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