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Choose Wireless Remote Controllers for Driver Authorization

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Now Industrial wireless controls and devices are becoming more popular in industrial sectors. This is common place have wireless telephones, wireless remote controllers, industrial remote control, radio controls and many more. In this era of electronic technology now one industry has wholeheartedly embraced wireless technology is the wireless controls. These powerful and technologically advanced wireless systems are now available all over the world. At the same time you can get all these systems through online.

Now there are so many recognized companies of wireless remote controllers. These new and innovative wireless systems provide a great deal of advantages over other wireless systems. Recently industrial wireless controls are used for huge machines to move enormous products or systems to one place to another place.

Now the wireless remote controllers are widely used only because of, these very are easy to use and install. You will get all the necessary information with the product details. The most important aspect is that the wireless controllers require no wires. Once it is installed everything will sync wirelessly to the main control panel to ensure proper and absolute workforce.

Now driver authorization system bulk truck theft prevention is specifically for commercial vehicles and machinery. The system protects the vehicles from unauthorized engine start or movement that depending on the customer’s application. There are so many specifications of (DAS) driver authorization systems.

• The system has keypad unit with hidden enclosure screws which are highly needed.

• It has sealed packing brake low pressure switch with DOT quick connect T fitting.

• At the same time, the system has sealed engine kill relay.

• You will get a absolute installation guide with this product. Now the components are pre wired with quick connect and air line fittings supplied. Trucks with existing parking brake air pressure switches and engine kill relays may be capable to use some of these components.

User ID Codes:

The most significant thing of this industrial wireless system (DAS) is disarmed by entering a three to nine digit ID code into the keypad.

In addition, the code is selected by the truck owner and is programmed into the unit using a “master code” assigned to the truck owner. The systems are available with up to three levels of administrative master codes. The entry of a master code is required to change the driver’s authorization code. Each level of master code erases the ID code directly below it and sets the device into a learning state where it is waiting for a new code to be entered.

If a wrong ID code is entered more than five minutes the system will automatically lock out for ten minutes before allowing additional code entry. Now driver authorization system is used widely only because of, this is easy to install and use. You will get all the information with the product details. The Led indicators show red system armed, green for system disarmed, flashing red for auto shut down, flashing green for changing ID codes.

BASE Engineering is a pioneer in developing industrial wireless controls. Our industrial remote controls are equipped with powerful industrial wireless transmitter and they have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. We design and manufacture extremely rugged wireless remote controllers and solutions for most industrial applications such as process controls, industrial petroleum, bulk transport, tank truck equipment, tank truck loading, crane service, hydraulic pumps and many more.

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