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Android Jelly Bean application development

by adelinebosanquet

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Android has now become the most commonly used smart phone all across the world, recently Google has launched an upgraded version to Android 4.0, the Jelly Bean. In Jelly Bean Google has given an incremental update with old features with several new and exciting features.

Android Jelly Bean is highly eye catching and it sets a new landmark in Smart phone Market. It has various exciting and trend setting features like enhanced voice-driven search , personal assistant feature called Google Now and many more.

To develop Applications for Android Jelly Bean , the developer needs to have complete knowledge of Android 4.1 Development kit with latest tools and techniques by which they can deliver the quality and highly innovative Android Jelly Bean applications.

  1. The OS is popular among users due to its variation among Android Developers for its customization.

  2. Users have hundreds of Android powered devices to choose from, and developers have numerous ways to tweak the codes to get most out of them.

  3. This time New developer APIs introduced with Android 4.1 include expandable notifications supporting larger, richer user alerts that can be expanded or collapsed within no time.

  4. Jelly Bean also comes with new APIs for accessibility services, making easier for developers to integrate gesture-based commands for the visually-impaired.

Other than this have a look to some of key feature of Android Jelly Bean

  1. Faster, Smoother & More Responsive User Interface which includes Application rendering ,touch event, Screen composition, Display Refresh

  2. Enhanced UI & Triple buffering for graphical functions

  3. Text and Language support is now Bi-directional.

  4. It also supports for 18 new languages.

  5. Improved Accessibility

  6. Customizable Keyboard

  7. Multilingual support

  8. Bluetooth data transfer function enabled for Android Beam

  9. More widget options

  10. Audio is now multichannel.

  11. Improved camera applications

  12. Higher resolution

  13. More options for App development

  14. More input and capabilities

  15. And many more which enhanced features are there.

Today in the Smart Phone market there are more than thousands of application , so to develop an application which is highly innovative and eye catching with the latest technology needs to lots of technical skills as well as experience with highly innovative thinking than only the developer will able to develop the application which will sustain in the market for a long time.

Mobile iPhone Development India is a professional offshore Mobile App development company providing Mobile application development services. The application for Android Jelly bean 4.1.1 can be developed for various categories like business, travel, games , Utility and many more. But to develop the application for Android Jelly bean 4.1.1 the developer need to have complete knowledge of J2EE , Android Jelly bean application Development kit with latest tools and techniques.

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