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Backup restore, disaster recovery and IT support of Wales

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About backup & disaster Recovery Wales in a nutshell:

Certus IT includes quick and easy data protection and immediate and reliable recoverywith their backup & disaster recovery Wales option also known as BUDR. What actually matters is what and where you back-up and how quickly you can recover from the backup. BUDR has got all the functionality and features to provide flexible, powerful and easy way for data protection as well as recovery.

Benefits of BUDR are:

v  Provides complete integrated solution: It has the ability to protect mobile computers, workstations and all Windows servers in a distributed IT environment.

v  Simple and fast recovery: Disaster recovery Wales, can be done within 30 minutes from the occurrence of the incident.

v  Completely trustable: The system test our rescue images every time, so we are sure that they would work whenever we need them.

v  Intuitive way of reporting and management: It reduces backup costs and workload of the administrator.

v  Web-based central administration: Features like event scheduling, reporting and backup status provides remote automation and administration which eliminates on-site visits by engineers of IT.

v  Maximum data protection comes from maximum visibility: The backup status reports ensure complete data protection.

v  Powerful backup options: Certus provides easy methods of data recovery and protection.

v  Universal restore option: For recoveries which are dissimilar to the hardware or virtual machines.

v  Services given by disaster recovery Wales: These are to restore systems in case of a failure or disaster.

v  Loan equipment: This is made available in order to ensure that hardware which is to be replaced is immediately available any time the disaster occurs.

Backup & disaster recovery Wales includesfull and incremental backup facility, synthetic full backup facility, and lifetime incremental backup options are available. They also provide offsite replication options and fully real-time automation of image Virtualization backup and recovery.

They allow encryption options for backup of images, complete imaging of disk, dynamic method of disk restoration, easy and fast recovery of data, flexible control and configuration over the data and lastly universal restoration of the data.

IT support Wales provide efficient solutions for nagging complaints:


Certus IT support Wales provides guaranteed solution for complaints like slow performances of network, computer dropouts, Backup failures, Issues with software compatibility, System crashes, Shortages of disk storage, Communication problems, Printer problems, Web browsing issues, Viruses, spam of malware.

IT supportis the way to get the most pain free support as it has a leading team of the market comprising of qualified engineers with over 10 years of experience and knowledge. They use a pro-active way in order to manage the IT. They have leading platforms established systems and processes of the industry. Their business and support services are driven by KPI and do the account management in a dedicated way.

Success of Certus ITis composed on the basis of customer satisfaction. They work and support the largest household and are very passionate to get the IT corrected in the very first time. Outsourcing the Certus IT support will render with more effective support service to focus on the growing business.

Certus IT offers:

v  Flexible contracts.

v  Partially or fully managed services.

v  IT consultancy is given to all customers for free.

v  Fixed price for every IT support Wales.

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