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How Are the Diamonds Houston Jewelers Work With Formed?

by jeffrypullam

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If a diamond was a person, it would have to be a beautiful woman who has gone through a lot to be strong inside and out. The diamonds jewelers in Houston cut and put into jewelry are products of natural forces so strong that they qualify as natural disasters. You have to admire this stone’s resilience; it was made beautiful by a violent Earth.

Two methods linked to diamond formation include deep source eruption and formation in subduction zones. But there are actually some diamonds formed outside Earth through asteroids and meteorites. Below are the methods of diamond formation put into a simpler perspective.

Formed under the Earth

For the most part, diamonds are a product of pressure—and the Earth has enough of it to form these shining, shimmering splendors. Geologists believe that diamonds may have been formed by volcanic eruptions or movements deep in the Earth’s crust. This explains why most diamond mines on the planet go hundreds of feet below the surface.

One popular diamond mine is the Mir Mine located in eastern Siberia, the second largest and the fourth deepest in the world. During its mining operations until 2011, the Mir Mine produced ten million carats (2,000 kg) of diamonds a year. The mine was so deep that the airspace above it was off-limits to helicopters because they could get sucked in by the airflow.

Diamonds from Space

Geologists also believe that some diamonds came to Earth via asteroids and meteorites, and the resulting impact managed to scatter the gems. However, it’s not so much the rocks that produced the diamonds, but the heat resulting from the entry to the Earth’s atmosphere. Given enough heat upon atmospheric entry, space rocks can turn into shiny diamonds. In fact, traces of diamonds have been located in numerous craters around the world, such as in the 4,000-foot wide Meteor Crater in Arizona.

Geologists admit that these theories, while plausible, still require further study. You may visit the website at for more information on how diamonds may have been formed. It’s not enough to marvel at the beautiful diamonds set by jewelers from Houston, you also need to discover what made them what they are.

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