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Your child's health is pure gold

by anonymous

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Because nowadays children lose too
much time in front of the TV/computer, parents should be aware about the
negative health effects that will appear sooner or later.  It is ideal
that parents explain to their children the importance of doing regular sport.
You have to make sure that your children have fun and learn new things, in
order to attract them into sport activities.

Why? Discover now the advantages of
your child’s active life.

  1. Stronger muscles and bones.
  2. Less likely to become overweight.
  3. Low levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
  4. Lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  5. Positive attitude.
  6. Better control over the physical and emotional challenges.
  7. Peaceful and restful sleep.
  8. Resistance, strength and flexibility.

When it comes to sport and having
fun, Playball Chelsea it’s the
perfect place to be (If you live in London).Physical activity, positive
thinking and a healthy diet is the perfect recipe for a long and healthy life.

Playball represents a multi-activity
programme, for young children that have become successful all over the world.
Exposing young children (between the ages of two and nine) to constructive and
enjoyable movement represents the aim of Playball concept. Playball concept is
divided by age groups taking into account the difference in the cognitive, emotional,
social and motor development of the children. Playball concept provides a range
of sporting activities for your child including camps and organized parties.

At Playball Chelsea accredited
coaches patiently teach your child different sports skills for tennis, cricket,
hockey, rugby, football, basketball, baseball and volleyball. Sounds fun!
Later, your children will thank you for your choice to involve him in sport
activities since early childhood, not only because they’ll be healthier, but
also happier.

The prices of this type of sport may
vary depending on the company you choose. But after the experience accumulated
from Playball, your child will become a little priceless champion!

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