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Often, the most important intellectual property that you own, are the documents that you use in your day-to-day life, either in the office or in the field, to carry out the business that earns you a living. Without protection for these documents you may have no income to count on. All such documents, either stored on your disk or stored or processed online, are more often than not vulnerable to being either stolen, customized with unwanted information, or compromised. It should therefore not be left to chance the security and privacy of these documents.

Among other given ways of ensuring such documents protection, is by use of Adobe protection software, which is normally licensed for your safe use. Locklizard helps your protect all your documents, which included reports, web information and ebooks among others, without the use of adobe password protection, but using public key technology, which ensures that no unauthorized user, can either access your documents and that authorized users cannot copy or edit your contents, or distribute any of your information without your consent.

This is because, once you convert your documents into Adobe PDF files, such information that requires high protection and confidentiality should be protected. Use of adobe password protection software can only go so far to lock your documents and protect them from every unintended user. This is because passwords can be shared easily with others or cracked. So if you want to prevent unauthorized viewing and misuse of your documents, then you need a system beyond password protection, such as public key technology which does not expose the decryption key to the user.

With enhanced adobe digital rights management, Locklizard ensures that all your adobe files and other files of different applications are well protected. In addition, among many other benefits of protecting your documents using adobe digital rights management software is that you are able to comfortably manage and control your documents while monitoring the use of any document or information outside the normal firewall protection, as it gives you various policies and permits that helps in maintaining document confidentiality, usage as well as information accessibility. You can easily determine who accesses which information and who does not. This software also guards your documents against risks such as theft and information or document misuse by unintended authorities, especially highly sensitive and confidential information.

Remember, your documents are often the only intellectual property that you own, therefore do not wait till it's too late to protect your documents and information against theft.

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