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The Difference Between an Electric Cigarette and a Tobacco

by davein

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With the coming into the market of the electric cigarette, smoking has become healthier and more convenient. The risk of contracting dangerous health risks like cancers and a host of other diseases that are caused by tobacco based cigarettes have greatly been reduced. The e-cigarette provides a doe of the much needed nicotine to the blood stream of an avid smoker. For this to happen, there is a process which takes place within the cigarette, which is a mechanical device. Therefore, this can be comforting since you know that the materials in the system are all tested and approved for use with low to no chances of the user contracting any complications from its use.

The electric cigarette is completely different from the tobacco one. Like mentioned above, the e-cig is a device much unlike a tobacco cigarette which is made of organic material. The main and most prominent difference between the two is that the e-cig produces the nicotine fix from a liquid called the propylene glycol or a glycerin based one. The liquid is heated up releasing a gaseous form of the nicotine which is then inhaled by the user. The e-cig option offers a purer form of nicotine reducing chances of you contracting or suffering from any form of ailments associated with tobacco. A tobacco cigarette has over four thousand harmful elements within it.

Another major difference between the two is that one gets finished while the other is reusable. The tobacco sticks usually gets used up and ends after a matter of puffs, unlike the electric cigarette. With the e-cig option, you get to have a reusable option. This cigarette is made to be used over and over again with all you have to do is recharge the unit and refill the liquid cartridge once awhile. Therefore, this makes the device option much cheaper for use; considering the fact that the tobacco stick gets used up and there is need to buy packets. It is considered that a single pack of e-cigarettes is equivalent to about a carton of standard organic cigarettes.

In terms of general usage, the e-cigs are far better than their counterparts, the tobacco cigarettes. This is because they produce no smoke or awful smells that accompany tobacco based cigarettes. Through the processing of the liquid within its compartments, the electric cigarette offers an odorless and smoke-free nicotine burst, giving a direct injection of the much needed stimulant. This way, there is no need to worry about smelly breathes, discoloring of teeth or even yellowing of fingers.


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