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Protest against the Unruly behavior towards animals

by anonymous

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Animals left around in stray conditions on the roads and backyards can be seen increasingly today. Some animals are left behind in the lawns when the residents are out for vacations and these creatures are left behind to die outside their homes. These species tend to die as of improper shelter and food.


Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or simply the failure to take care of an animal. Either of the way, and whether the animal is a pet, a farm animal, or wildlife, the victim can suffer terribly. Humans must understand that these animals are also living creatures and have feeling towards ill treatment or cruelty; they do get hurt when someone violently attacks on them. These creatures are voiceless so cannot protest against their own abuse and cruel behavior. So who should look for their needs and rights? Is anyone stepping forward to help these species and protest against their abuse and misuse?


Whenever a man needs a pet he gets it, so he should take complete responsibility of this creature. Dogs are considered as man’s best friend, then why do people forget these creatures when going out for a vacation or a family trip. Why these species are left behind with in sufficient food and shelter. When they are so unwanted why are these bought and left out to die just to fulfill the unwanted human desires.


According to the survey reports, majority of American households have pets than they have children at their place. They spend more money on pet food than on baby food. And when talking nationally, there are more dogs in the United States than people in most countries like Europe and Australia etc. But having a pet and putting the food on time is not just done, there must be a living place allotted for these creatures where they can eat and sleep. According to the law enforced by Organizations for Animal Abuse just leaving the pets outside the lawn area of your house without proper shed and shelter is also considered as a crime. If the pet owners own the pet they should take care of everything like food, shelter and proper care of these pets. They should understand that living creatures also fall prey to the unexpected weather conditions and thunders.


There is an Anti cruelty laws that exist in all United States areas to prohibit unnecessary killing of animals, mutilating the species, torturing the voiceless, beating pets, neglecting and abandoning animals, or depriving them of proper food, water or proper shelter. These Organizations for Animal Cruelty fight for these voiceless creatures whether they are left behind lonely in backyards or forcibly put into cages for longer periods of time. The pet owners will be penalized with strict enforcements if caught leaving their pets in such harsh conditions. Also, these Organizations for Animal Abuse and cruelty patrol the local roads and lanes and rescue the abandoned dogs, cats and other pets that are left behind without proper food and shelter.


Such Organizations for Animal abuse and cruelty pick up these creatures and put them in their animal shelters where proper care is given to them. These creatures are left along with their breed so that they can fell homely. They will be given timely food and proper sufficient place is available so that these animals can carry out their natural behavior. Today many people including many famous celebrities are coming forward to join hand with these Organizations for Animal Cruelty and fight against the unruly human behavior against them. You can also support such organizations and put your contribution in saving these fellow creatures. Make donations to support Peace4Animals @ 

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