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Some Useful Supplements Of High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension is increasingly being famous as the serious health issue affecting about 30% of the total population. Those who are suffering from this problem become susceptible to kidney damage, loss of vision, impaired cognitive disability, heart attacks, heart strokes, etc.


Some time ago, an article was published in the American Journal of Hypertension which revealed the fact that only 24 % of high BP patients are able to control their blood pressure. Among those who take drugs only 43% can keep these readings under normal level. The experts in this field suggest that there are various high blood pressure natural remedies which are cost effective, fruitful, and without any side effects.


Let us here discuss some of the natural supplements for high blood pressure-


Coconut water- this is readily found in health food stores, supermarkets. The water is different from the coconut milk which is formed with the meat of the coconut fruit. With several studies it was proved that coconut milk and some other tropical drinks like mauby help in controlling hypertension.


The coconut water is also used as a source of nutrition during famine conditions. This is an amazing nutritious substance which can be directly injected into the human blood stream.


Potassium- the intake of sodium tends to increase our hypertension and thus in order to combat its effect, one must increase his potassium intake. Even the above described coconut water has a high potassium content which brings down the increased blood pressure.


Meditation- over the years, studies have been conducted to view the effects of meditation on the hypertension. With several studies, it was concluded that individuals who does meditation twice daily can bring significant reduction in the reading of systolic and diastolic pressure. The results were effective both for men and women. Along with that, meditation helped every individual who was either at low or high risk of hypertension. Among the several high blood pressure natural remedies, meditation is one of the best and effective one.


Stevia and sugar intake- Stevia is one of the very promising supplements for high blood pressure. Individuals who were given Stevia products resulted in lowering of  blood pressure. This supplement is also beneficial if one uses it in place of sugar in the daily diet. Sugar intake and hypertension readings have some sort of co-relation with them. It was observed that 40-60% of patients with hypertension are insulin resistant. This insulin resistance predicts the development of hypertension.


Besides the above description, there are thousands of supplements of high blood pressure. These days, different types of herbs which help in treating hypertension are processed and made available in the form of tablets. This is done for the busy individuals who don’t have time to buy other supplements.

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