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A non-toxic way to kill pond algae and weeds

by lbblanket

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Lakes and ponds always enhance the beauty of a place. Many people like to have a home garden pond in their houses. Fish and aquatic animals in the pond make the area look lively all the time. There is a common problem which the lake owners generally face. For a healthy fishery, some aquatic plants are necessary in the ponds but it is very important to control them. These plants grow immensely due to efficient amount of oxygen and sunlight and take the form of pond weeds. It becomes cumbersome and tough to handle them take them out of the pond.

Many pond owners follow a common method to kill pond weeds which is using chemicals and herbicides. When such chemicals are used, they no doubt kill the pond weeds but also affect the aquatic animals, plants and other organisms adversely. Sometimes it has been observed that they don’t have any effect on the weeds as repeated use of these chemicals makes the algae immune to them. Many new methods of lake weed control have been evolved which kill the weeds effectively but don’t harm the fish and plants. These are toxin free and easy to apply. One such method is the use of a lake bottom blanket. It is a chemical free formula to keep pond water in good quality and suitable for the water organisms. It is made into the shapes of a blanket and is easy to install into the water. There are a number of sizes available in it so that you can order one according to the size of your pond. You can also get a customized blanket as per the size and shape of the pond. They come with a material which is black on one side and white on the other so that you can decide whether you want to see it at the lake bottom or not.

If you are concerned about the price of this blanket then relax because it comes in very affordable prices. The installation of the lake bottom blanket is really easy and quick. It hardly takes any time to get it installed and working inside the lake. When you place an order for it, you will be provided with the blanket and rubber end caps. Before installing the blanket into the water, you need to attach rebar as weights to the blanket ends. This will ensure the placing of the blanket properly and its stability at one place. The rubber caps provided with the order are to be used at the ends of the rebar to prevent any damage or injury if someone comes in contact with the sharp edges of the rebar. The blanket is made of a material which is lighter than water so it will remain floating in the water allowing the water movement underneath.

The lake bottom blanket prevents the sunlight from reaching the water bottom which is an effective way to kill pond weeds. It can be placed at the targeted area and can be removed after the season for growth of weeds is over. In this way, it can be used for many consecutive years.

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