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Perks of Wooden Shingles Affixed By Roofing Contractors

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Apart from making use of stones for a range of endeavors, early man also made use of timbers to design roofing systems. For instance, early North American settlers found this material especially handy, since trees were copious in the continent during that time. In the present day, wood shingles are still used in cities such as St. Louis, Missouri, for their allure, sturdiness, cost savings, and environment friendliness.


This is the primary reason consumers request for wood shingle setup from trustworthy St Louis roofing contractors. You'll identify wood shingles with varying sizes, densities, and even colors. Each shingle has a special grain pattern, which gives character to your rooftop. Regardless if the other parts of your home already has a natural appearance, or you wish to offer a vintage twist to your modern-looking house, wood is almost definitely the most beneficial material for your roof covering.


With right setup and care, wood shingle roof coverings can work for around 50 years. Reliable St Louis roofing companies typically install wood shingle rooftops with rust insusceptible screws. Correct care, meanwhile, involves frequently clearing the roof of mold and mildew (which weakens wood), and annually sealing the roof covering to protect against moisture accumulation.

You may be worried that wood shingle rooftops are prone to fire. In fact, a lot of wood shingles are fire retardant and pressure treated to comply with national fire safety requirements. So, these kinds often survive longer than other wood shingle types. Wood is good enough to stand up to most of the weather conditions you'll experience in St. Louis.

Energy Savings

The cool feeling that wood shingles offer you isn't only a result of their natural form. These shingles have small holes in them, which permit air to circulate efficiently in and out of your house. This doesn't mean that proper padding of your home is sacrificed, though. In the beginning, these shingles may cost more to build, but it's worth it if you take into account what you conserve when it comes electricity bills.

Along with the benefits already mentioned above, you also do Mother Nature a favor when you install wood shingles. If any of your wood shingles are damaged, you can safely deal with them without bothering with nicking the surroundings, considering that they're going to break down just like the trees from whence they came. For details on wood shingle mounting, check out

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