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Harnessing the Cosmic Dragon Power

by davidww

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Origin and Symbolisms of the Dragon

Power, protection, wisdom, longevity, fame,royalty, harbinger of good luck, creator, destroyer, master of all the elements of nature. The dragon symbolizes them all. It is mythical, yet its image is so pervasive you would think it has been in existence since the primordial past to the present.

The dragon is described as a huge reptile covered in scales with eagle-like claws, serpent’s tail and bat-like wings. It has forked tongue and spits fire, poison or ice. It is often associated with the Orient, specifically with the Chinese. But world myth and some religious literature also confirm that there are stories on Japanese, Jewish and European dragons.

The Chinese dragons have been part of the country’s culture for at least 7,000 years.  Dragons symbolize the emperor, hence, power, heaven creativity and good fortune.  Later in Chinese history, Buddhist artists accepted the dragon as a symbol of enlightenment as well.  Special magical power is attributed to the dragon.

In the Chinese FengShui, the dragon is associated with career, fame and reputation, as well as growth and expansion. This is the reason why Chinese business establishments and affluent families sponsor dragon dance during Chinese New Year and other special occasions.

The Japanese dragons are huge water serpents. Likewise, Jewish religious texts  describe dragons as sea monsters.

The mythical European dragon is generally winged and associated with evil elements.  The honored mythical hero in medieval Europe was one who had slain a dragon, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil or Satan.

The term dragon is said to have come from two Greek words.  The first word means huge serpent, while the second means I see clearly. Both words aptly describe the mythical European dragon. Winged, it can soar high and from its vantage point, see the world in a panoramic view.

Dragon Jewelry Suffused with the Dragon Power

The mystical power of the dragon can be harnessed through specially designed dragon jewelry.  Worn close to the skin of the wearer, a dragon pendant, ring or earrings are potent carriers of the power that dragons symbolize.

For instance, the artist David Weitzman has a series of Dragon jewelry or jewelry featuring the dragon biting its own tail symbolizes life’s endless and inevitable change. It gives the wearer the courage to accept the change and creates in him/her the spiritual determination and capability to adjust to it through constructive life and self-renewal and creation.  In the process, it develops self-reflexivity or cyclicality as the person and the things in her/his life start, end, change and re-create themselves throughout the person’s lifetime.

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