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Use strong bicycle cable locks to avoid unwanted thefts

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Everybody loves cycling as it is one of the most popular sports and commonly used by people for keeping fit. It is very important to also think about the security of the bike and use proper locks to safeguard them. There are several types of locks available in the market to choose from. Every biker should properly lock his bicycle to an immovable object to its frame and front wheel to avoid any kind of theft possibilities.
Different types of locks like U-locks, chain locks, O locks, cuff locks and cable locks are available in the stores.


Out of them bicycle cable locks are the most commonly used. They are called cable locks as they are made of strong cables. They are usually made from spring cables that automatically get coiled when released. This feature makes it easier to carry it everywhere. Any biker should avoid using an ordinary steel cable as it can be easily cut with bolt cutters. It is better to use a good quality steel jacketed cable, which is more difficult to cut down.  Some people smartly use them to lock bike components such as seat or wheels in conjunction with other U-locks for a total bike security. It is worth to spend on good quality bicycle cable locks to protect your bike since it is a greater investment.

There are other important things one should take care of while parking the bicycle. It is recommended to always park your bicycle in a public bicycle stand where many bicycles are kept. Always check out for surveillance cameras if parking in lonely areas. It is seen that many people often leave their bikes stranded near a tree or a wall in a hurry. As thieves can take advantage of darkness or improper light to steal your bike and run away. Don’t park your bike where there is not enough light, better check for a well-lit area. Avoid loss of your lovely bicycle by parking them in proper places.

No matter which lock you choose remember that all locks can be broken by a determined thief. So invest in a good quality strong lock to safeguard your bike. And, make it a habit to use it every time you stop somewhere or leave your bike for some work. Invest little time in buying proper bicycle cable locks and use it properly to serve you for a longer duration of time.

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