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The Different Components of a Viable Shingle Roofing System

by brendangertner

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If there is anything better than good roof repair, it is a durable, highly functional roof that requires minimal repairs most of the time. Roofing systems are elaborate architectural components that need the same care and protection that is given to buildings and the people that occupy them. Moreover, for strong roofing systems to remain functional, every component needs to be fashioned from the best materials.

Under the shingles, the roof deck forms a sturdy foundation for the roof. The roof deck is a flat board made of wood, metal, concrete, or even polystyrene. It is covered with an underlayment, as well as an ice and water shield that protects the roof deck and the ceiling from moisture and air, as these elements can compromise the strength and stability of the roofing system. Roofers can seal any leakage in the underlayment.

Ventilation pipes run under the roof, carrying warm air from inside the house and releasing it from the roof. This keeps the rooftop warm enough in winter, so snow does not accumulate too much; if it does, it can melt and safely flow through the gutter system. Metal flashing is built to prevent moisture and air from seeping through the space between the ventilation pipes and the shingles; additionally, roofers can set the flashing that have curled or folded from strong winds.

However, because of stronger roofing materials, the roof repair Richmond homeowners need is mostly concentrated on the shingles. The shingles are made with fiberglass cores covered with asphalt and ceramic granules. These components protect Richmond homes from heavy snowfall and rainfall; the strength of these shingles also protects homes from hailstorms.

Shingle caps are shingles that cover the ridge of the roofing Richmond homes have, even those at the sides of a hip roof. While more traditional homes have shingle caps made from copper or lead sheeting, these have largely been replaced by shingles with a plastic underlay. Additionally, these shingles are suitable for conical roofs in the turrets of Victorian homes.

Contractors that perform the roofing Richmond homes need also use starter strips, which are shingles at the edge of the roof. These are especially strong and support the integrity of the rest of the shingle system. Like shingle caps, these are also good for conical or pyramidal roofs; for more information, see

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