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Value added solutions for AR CLEARING by payment credit card

by sappayroll

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Mudiam solutions will enable your SAP ecosystem to be able to clear existing open invoices or charge some customers in advance, if their credit is not so good - with the help of <a href="">PCI compliance</a>, tokenized and secured payment card and credit card solutions which are offered either on demand or on premise.


Typically most SAP customers have needs to convert their Accounts Receivables (AR) into cash soon possible to reduce their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). They may be using CRM or sales & distribution or biller direct module. Using state of art automated payment card processing - customer can avail the flexibility and robustness of our integration with more than 30 leading payment gateways, processors and acquirers around the world involving multiple currency processing for different company codes within the same production system. Accounts receivable optimizers include reducing DSO and improving cash flow. We can a custom build solution that manages customer credit risk along with tools that can streamline disputes and collections in your AR business process. By showing you the ROI, can improve your AR recovery using our best in class solutions including credit card processing to clear your open invoices in real time.


Some customers have needs to process Level II and Level III payment card data to be able to reduce their card and bank processing fees and at the same time comply with the way their issuing bank accepts, say, line item details - item quantity, price, taxes, any discounts, shipping charges, freight fees, packing fees, which need to be captured so as to process payment card authorizations and settlements. With expert guidance and solution what customer needs, we can help you implement in your SAP system. SAP system stores payment card and credit card data in RAW format and the crypto library it provides is not PCI compliant. With tokenized solution which goes beyond US Dept. of Defense - suggests AES-256 encryption as the benchmark, customer is sure to have peace of mind that their SAP is out of scope for PCI audit and since they do not have RAW card data, as we host the solution in PCI compliant facilities on SaaS.


System has built many add-on tools which will help customer in several ways. One of them is the mass conversion utility, which can convert customer RAW payment and card data into highly customized TOKEN numbers before the customer go-live, thus making customer PCI complaint, the minute they implement solution. Token Key Rotation tool helps customer rotate the token every 12 months as per the best practices suggested by PCI council. Here we archive the custom TOKENs and replace them with new TOKENs so as to comply with PCI council recommendations. The custom solutions include many variants of clearing an unpaid open invoice. Every customer is different and their business processes vary. We have built many custom tools to handle prepaid, advance payments or clear invoices which were not initially charged with card payments. Based on the customer need, can deliver the solutions from wide ranging solution sets and tools. Also help you to identify the correct processor, gateway and merchant bank - so as to get you best possible card transaction fees for your needs. Since we work with all the processes and gateways, can guide what is best for your company including multi currency and Level 2 and Level 3 processing and based in your transaction volume.

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