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Plus Size Panties as a Hotter Choice

by tedjuhl

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Although historical sources are not completely definitive, the evolution of women's panties is a fascinating subject. The early precursors of today's panties are a descendant of a 16th century underwear called a pantalette, which is implied to secure the crotch area when riding a sidesaddle. However, it wasn't till the 20th century when panties came to be a necessity due to the fast-evolving fashions that saw the shrinking of hemlines and more relaxed tackles females's apparel.

The panties worn throughout the very early 1900s are known nowadays as granny panties. As a result of their sheer size and adequate coverage, these panties could not be used inconspicuously under garments as they would typically ride up to ladies's waistlines. Thankfully, from the 1950s onward, panties appeared in a wider assortment of choices, providing comfort to ladies of all sizes. Weight concerns even become pointless by donning a comfortable pair of plus size panties.

Furthermore, weight problems shouldn't automatically restrict one's underclothing selections. For example, anybody with a bit of an extending stomach can still wear swimwear panties. Swimwear panties generally have thin, sometimes practically string-like waistbands that rest on the hips and stay inconspicuous even under body-hugging pieces of garments like tights or skinny denims.

These days, swimwear panties are available in a comprehensive range of options to satisfy every demand and occasion. A female who's out to play tennis with her colleagues or buddies can, for instance, opt to wear light and comfy cotton bikinis. Meanwhile, a lady who wants to feel confident on a romantic dinner date can choose to use bikini panties.

Lace underwear is frequently described as underwear or intimate apparel. It's not unheard of for females to get lace underwear as presents from their partners during special occasions like Valentine's Day. Fashion-forward labels have, on many celebrations, made outerwear motivated by lace lingerie.

Meanwhile, ladies concerned about the dreadful visible panty line or VPL have found an option in the type of thong panties or G-string panties. With these types of panties, females can wear even the lightest and tightest skirts or pants without needing to fret about VPLs. For more details, visit

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